The Coca-Cola Foundation Grants Application

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The Coca-Cola Foundation Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Coca – Cola Foundation – Long-term water supply and climate resilience are vital to community health. Sustainable water supplies improve public health and agriculture by providing clean drinking water. Climate-resilient communities are more adaptive and less vulnerable to catastrophic weather. These factors emphasize the need for long-term water access and climate resilience for community stability, health, and sustainable development.

Thanks to the Coca-Cola Foundation Grant for tackling global concerns and enhancing communities, the Coca-Cola Foundation helps people. The foundation donates approximately $1.5 billion to sustainable water, circular economies, climate resilience, economic empowerment, and community challenges. The nonprofit sponsors education, disaster relief, and environmental sustainability worldwide to encourage good change. Its COVID-19 aid and youth empowerment programs show a comprehensive approach to building and maintaining global communities.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Coca-Cola Foundation funds initiatives in sustainable water, circular economies, climate resilience, and economic empowerment.
  • Grants range from local community projects to international programs.
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation prioritizes partnerships with registered nonprofits with measurable impact.
  • Applications are submitted through the Coca-Cola Foundation website.

What are Coca-Cola Foundation Grants ?

The Coca-Cola Foundation is on a mission to create a positive and lasting impact on communities worldwide by actively investing in transformative ideas and institutions that tackle some of the most pressing global challenges. As the primary philanthropic arm of The Coca‑Cola Company, the foundation plays a vital role in supporting local and global changemakers. With a commitment to making a measurable difference, the foundation focuses on areas where the company operates, ensuring alignment with the needs of the communities where Coca-Cola employees live and work. Having awarded more than $1.5 billion in grants since its inception, the foundation places emphasis on key pillars, including sustainable access to water, a circular economy, climate resilience and disaster preparedness and response, economic empowerment, and causes impacting its hometown community.

The Coca-Cola Foundation’s refreshed focus underscores its dedication to addressing critical issues that impact billions of lives. By strategically investing in initiatives related to water access, circular economies, climate resilience, economic empowerment, and local community causes, the foundation aims to drive meaningful and positive change on a global scale. Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, The Coca-Cola Foundation stands as a beacon for driving bold solutions to complex environmental and social challenges, contributing to a better and more sustainable future for communities across the world.

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Types of Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

There are two types of grants of the Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

  1. The Coca-Cola Foundation International Grant funds local initiatives that tackle one of the foundation’s focus areas. Charities operating in one of the Foundation’s service areas are eligible to receive this Grant.
  2. For all American high school seniors currently enrolled in classes, The Coca-Cola Foundation International Sponsorship Application has great interest. Recipients of the Grant are distinguished students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.

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Focus Area of Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

Some core areas of the Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

  1. Long-Term Water Supply

This involves ensuring that people have access to safe drinking water, enhancing sanitation and hygiene, and encouraging them to save water.

  1. Circular Economy

The second concept is the “circular economy,”. This concept aims to promote recycling, decrease waste, and provide environmentally friendly packaging.

  1. Climate Resilience and Disaster Preparedness and Response

Community adaptation to climate change and catastrophe recovery are the goals of this third area of funding. The third area of concern is climate resilience and disaster preparedness and response.

  1. Economic Empowerment

Job creation, small business assistance, and the promotion of financial inclusion are the four pillars of economic empowerment.

  1. Causes Impacting Our Hometown Community

Lastly, programs in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of The Coca-Cola Company, will get funding from this source.

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Eligibility for Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

There are a number of variables that might affect the qualifying requirements for grants from the Coca-Cola Foundation, including the particular grant program in which you are interested and your geographic area.

Water, the environment, education, and community development are just a few of the many areas that the Coca-Cola Foundation’s award programs aim to address. There are different criteria for eligibility in each program. The requirements for eligibility could change depending on the place you call home. The Coca-Cola India Foundation, for instance, sets stringent criteria for Indian nonprofits.

General criteria

  • Have tax-exempt status and be a registered nonprofit.
  • Stay in sync with the areas of concern for the Coca-Cola Foundation, such as water and the environment.
  • Make your effect strategy very clear and quantifiable.
  • Maintain an accountable system of leadership and a solid history of financial success.

Application Process of Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

One way to apply to the Coca-Cola Foundation is through their website. You are free to submit your application whenever you choose. Coca-Cola Foundation Grant Guidelines begin with a “eligibility quiz” that asks potential candidates a series of questions.

The grant application comprises the following: the applicant’s name, email, and affiliations; the request’s intended use; the applicant’s program or project’s objectives, rationale, and present standing; financial information; and a strategy for tracking the grant’s results.

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Coca-Cola Foundation Grant’s Grantees

Here are some past grantees of the Coca-Cola Foundation

For Covid-19 Relief

A $35 million donation to COVID-19 relief and local environmental and community groups reflects the Coca-Cola Foundation’s dedication. The organization gave $20 million to COVID-19 aid. The $2 million Project Last Mile received to aid vaccine rollouts in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania is noteworthy. The foundation’s COVAX AMC campaign promotes worldwide vaccination equity, and the United Way of Mumbai received $3.6 million for vaccine distribution and awareness. Environmental and community groups in Atlanta, where the Coca-Cola Company is based, and across the US and Canada get the remaining $15 million. The National Park Foundation promotes garbage reduction, recycling, resilience, and sustainability; the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership promotes green infrastructure; and the United Services Organization gives military families. These gifts show the Coca-Cola Foundation’s comprehensive approach to pandemics, the environment, and communities. The foundation’s ongoing efforts show its global goodwill.

Support for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

The Coca-Cola Foundation gave $1 million to three nonprofits to address the Afghan humanitarian situation. Afghan refugees, especially women and girls, and U.S. military personnel get funding for urgent and long-term needs. USA for UNHCR will shelter and provide essentials to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, the International Rescue Committee will support resettlement, and the USO will provide immediate support to U.S. service members during evacuation and post-evacuation. The foundation’s grants address global challenges and empower underprivileged communities.

Teenshop, Inc.

Teenshop, a nationwide nonprofit serving goal-oriented girls, received $50,000 from the Coca-Cola Foundation. This greatest donation in Teenshop’s history will improve their college preparatory programs, including campus visits, pre-college summer programs, and book grants for seniors. The donation shows Coca-Cola’s support for community-building initiatives. Teenshop, Inc., created by Elleanor Jean Hendley, helps underprivileged girls graduate from college by stressing goal-setting and accomplishment. The foundation invests to help the next generation succeed.

Support to Non-Profit Organizations

The Coca-Cola Foundation gave $13.5 million to COVID-19 pandemic non-profits. The funds help first responders and economically disadvantaged individuals in Atlanta and North America. Boys & Girls Clubs of America will receive $5 million to engage over 4.7 million kids, while Feeding America will get $5 million for its COVID-19 Response Fund. Boys & Girls Clubs, Food Banks Canada, and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy also benefit. The Coca-Cola Foundation pledges to help crisis-stricken communities and organizations.

A Seat At The Table

For the Shirley Chisholm Fellowship Program in Belgium, the Coca-Cola Foundation has bestowed a generous $100,000 donation. Young women from underrepresented groups, spanning the ages of 16 to 28, are the focus of this premier program for career and personal growth. Contributing to youth development in the region, the initiative aims to support their growth and empowerment in Belgium.

Accion Opportunity Fund

With the help of a $150,000 grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Coaching Hub is committed to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of seven hundred fifty Black women across the Americas. The goals of the foundation, including promoting economic empowerment and gender equality, are congruent with this endeavor.

ACE Foundation 

A $50,000 grant has been awarded to the ACE NextGen initiative. The initiative aims to help millennial entrepreneurs from the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Improving the entrepreneurial abilities of Asian American and Pacific Islander youth is one goal of this campaign. This is part of a larger effort to foster economic growth in the US.

American Association of People with Disabilities 

Grant funding of $150,000 from the Coca-Cola Foundation will enable the AAPD Summer Internship Program to run in 2022. Supporting youth development and inclusion, this project offers 22 students with impairments high-level internships.

American Corporate Partners 

With the support of a $50,000 grant, the Veteran and Military Spouse Career Mentoring Program will link veterans and active-duty military spouses with experts to ease their transition into the workforce. United States economic development initiatives are congruent with this one.

American National Red Cross

For the 2021 winter storm relief operations, the Coca-Cola Foundation has set aside half a million dollars. As part of its humanitarian and disaster assistance efforts in North America, this funding will provide urgent aid to warming centers and shelters in areas hit hard by winter storm systems.

American National Red Cross

With a contribution of $100,000, the Coca-Cola Foundation is helping the Myanmar Red Cross Society fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Contributing to humanitarian and disaster assistance in the ASEAN & South Pacific area, the monies support vaccination distribution activities, healthcare worker training, and public awareness campaigns in Myanmar.

Agape Community Center Inc

A $50,000 gift from The Coca-Cola Foundation supports the Agape After-School Program, the program aims to help children from low-income households close the achievement gap. Students in grades K-8 are welcome to participate in this 32-week program. The program places an emphasis on personal growth and academics.

Aim High for High School

A three-quarters of a million dollar donation from the Coca-Cola Foundation has gone to the San Francisco Aim High Summer Learning Program. The regional education initiatives will benefit from this award. The award will fund a free summer learning program for low-income middle school children for five weeks.

AKTI Project and Research Centre

With the $100,000 award, Cyprus’s Zero Waste Future Program will be able to fund recycling cleanups and education campaigns. Sustainability and recycling programs in Cyprus get funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation.

AKTI Project and Research Centre

Thanks to a generous $100,000 funding, Malta’s Zero Waste Future Program will continue to operate. This program is in line with the goals of The Coca-Cola Foundation, which are to promote recycling and environmental sustainability via organizing cleanups and spreading awareness.

Al Joud Foundation 

Cairo, Egypt’s Dawar program has received a $280,000 grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation. Funds from this award will help with local initiatives to raise recycling and trash awareness, with an eye on promoting eco-friendliness.


The Coca-Cola Foundation Grants bring compassion to global concerns and lasting change. The foundation has given $1.5 billion to sustainable water access, circular economies, climate resilience, economic empowerment, and community issues since its creation. The prizes include education, youth development, disaster relief, and environmental sustainability and serve diverse regions, showing a global commitment to good change. The foundation’s qualifications show its dedication to registered NGOs with impact activities. Application is simple on a user-friendly website. Its funders include COVID-19 aid, youth empowerment, and community development, demonstrating its worldwide focus. The Coca-Cola Foundation Grants’ support of Teenshop, Inc. and Afghan refugee initiatives reflects a dedication to improving and sustaining communities globally.

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What are Coca-Cola Foundation Grants

Coca-Cola Foundation Grants seek to improve communities globally. These funds promote global problem-solving ideas and institutions. Sustainable water access, circular economies, climate resilience, economic empowerment, and hometown causes are the foundation’s priorities.

How can organizations apply for Coca-Cola Foundation Grants?

The Coca-Cola Foundation offers website grants to nonprofits. An eligibility quiz is frequently required for applications. The grant application includes name, email, affiliations, program aims, financial information, and a strategy to monitor its impact.

What are the eligibility criteria for Coca-Cola Foundation Grants?

Coca-Cola Foundation grant programs and regions may have various eligibility conditions. Tax-exempt status, nonprofit registration, financial performance, an impact strategy with measurements, and alignment with the foundation’s interests (such as water and the environment) are examined.

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