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Hershey Foundation Heartwarming Action Grants Program

Hershey Foundation Heartwarming Action Grants Program – Grants are very important for helping many charity groups and causes because they give money for specific needs, projects, or programs. Helping nonprofits stay alive and grow lets them deal with problems in society, advance research, improve educational chances, and bring about good change. For groups that want to make a difference in their neighborhoods and beyond, grants are a great way to get money. The Hershey Foundation Grant is great for groups because it gives them the money they need to fund projects, improve programs, and make a positive difference in the lives of children in Northeast Ohio.

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What are Hershey Foundation Grants?

Debra Hershey Guren, President and CEO of The Hershey Foundation, oversees its Northeast Ohio child-helping efforts. Treasurer and Vice President Adam M. Guren founded Hunting Hill Global Capital to manage the foundation’s finances. Since 1986, Secretary Carole Hershey Walters has been a board member because she loves the arts and sciences. Directors Zachary A. Guren, David J. Walters, and Sara B. Guren provide different perspectives to the foundation’s commitment to Northeast Ohio’s growth. They continue Jo Hershey Selden’s generosity.

On December 31, 2022, the Hershey Foundation had $16,416,653 in alternative assets, stocks, fixed income mutual funds, and cash equivalents. The foundation lost $614,896 owing to $1,130,151 in costs and $515,255 in income. The foundation’s financial statement reveals it distributes awards and manages various investments. If you want to know more information about the Hershey Foundation Grants, you can visit https://www.thehersheyfoundation.org/applying-for-grants

Eligibility of Hershey Foundation Grant

  • The Hershey Foundation Grants fund equipment and capital and endowment efforts to benefit children. Except for family members’ interests, the foundation does not sponsor salaries, technology, yearly campaigns, research, consultancy, operations budgets, loans, scholarships, general objectives, mass mailings, or persons.
  • The Hershey Foundation only gives to 501(c)3 organizations. No individual people get Foundation funds.

Hershey Foundation Grant Application

The application process starters with some steps mentioned in below:

  1. Send an inquiry letter

You need to click the button at the bottom to register for the grant portal.

If you are a first-timer, then you need to get registration. To register, click “Create New Account” on the gateway.

  • To login, return applicants should input their credentials and click “Log On.”
  • Fill out the online Letter of Inquiry form.
  • The foundation assesses your request’s fit with the foundation’s financing priorities.
  • Notification will arrive to you by email.
  • If financing is interested, an email with guidelines will contain a link to submit a full application.
  1. Submit a Full Proposal

Follow these procedures after receiving the notice email inviting you to submit a Full Proposal.

You need to use your grant portal account to write and submit your submission.

Then you have to provide some information such as

  • A description of the sponsored program’s objectives, goals, timeline, budget, and financing sources
  • organization’s aim, history, and services
  • latest annual report and financials
  • officials, directors, and trustees currently listed
  • copy of IRS nonprofit charity status letter
  • Authorization from the executive director or board chair

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List of Grantees of Hershey Family Foundation 

Hershey Family Foundation Grants provided $827,000 amounts to 30 organizations in 2022

Apollo’s Fire, The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra

$5,000 for “Stormy Weather Family Concert Video Part 2 – A Young Person’s Guide to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,” creative musical education material.

Beck Center for the Arts

Received $10,000 for the “Creating Our Future” Capital Campaign to encourage neighborhood arts growth.


Received $5,000 for Broadway Urban Garden Improvements, improving outdoor places for youth participation and education.

City Music Cleveland

$5,000 for the Clurie Bennis Children’s Outreach Series, which teaches Northeast Ohio kids about music.

Cleveland Council on World Affairs

Received $20,000 (third year of 5-year grant) to create the Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy Center for Global Understanding Endowment.

Cleveland Institute of Music

The Musical Pathway Fellowship, promoted by Hershey FOundation, awarded Cleveland Institute of Music $20,000 (first year of a 5-year grant) for Advancing Racial Equity in Classical Music Education.

Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

Supported by Hershey FOundation Grants, the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra donated $3,000 to Student Instrument Resources to help young musicians learn and play.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Received $20,000 (first year of 5-year award) for “Transforming the World of Discovery,” improving natural science education.

Cleveland Public Library Foundation

The Cleveland Public Library Foundation received $10,000 for the Asiatown Artbox, encouraging creative and cultural inquiry.

Cleveland Zoological Society

Another grantee, The Cleveland Zoological Society received $25,000 from the Hershey Foundation, for the Primate Forest project to help Cleveland Metroparks Zoo monkeys.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves received $10,000 from Hershey Foundation Grants for “Teaching Current Events and Understanding Democracy,” fostering historical education and civic participation.

Fieldstone Farm TRC

Hershey Foundation Grants provided $5,000 grants to Fieldstone Farm TRC for Specialized Equipment to improve therapeutic riding and equine-assisted therapy for specific needs.

Flying Horse Farms

 Hershey Foundation Grants provided $25,000 grants to Flying Horse Farms for an Endowment to provide camp experiences for children with chronic and serious diseases, creating pleasure and community support.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio

Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio received $10,000 from Hershey Foundation Grants for the STEM Center of Excellence, which promotes girls’ STEM education.

Greater Cleveland Junior Golf Scholarship

 The Hershey Foundation sponsored the Greater Cleveland Junior Golf Scholarship Fund with $2,000 to help young golfers achieve their sporting ambitions.

Hannah Perkins Center for Child Development award

The Hershey Foundation helped the Hannah Perkins Center for Child Development to award $15,000 for the HP Butterfly Garden, fostering community and learning gardens for child development and education.

Hershey Montessori School

Hershey Montessori School got $400,000 (third year of $1,600,000 award) for “Optimal Design for a Sustainable Future and Renovations,” developing sustainable education infrastructure.

Holder Forests & Gardens

 Holder Forests & Gardens has received $15,000 for the Cleveland Botanical Garden Family Gallery, which enhances visitor experiences with interactive and informative exhibits.

Hudson Montessori School

The Hershey Foundation Grants supported $25,000 (second year of $50,000 award) to Hudson Montessori School for Toddler Community early childhood education and development.


Supports outstanding educational programming for children and insightful community reporting with $10,000 for PBS Kids Programming + Education Reporting on NEO’s NPR.

International Montessori Training Institute

AMI 12-18 Montessori Training and Professional Development received $30,000 from Hershey Foundation to advance Montessori education and training in Northeast Ohio.

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Supported by the Hershey Foundation, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry helped Northeast Ohio families facing homelessness with $20,000 for the Affordable Housing Initiative.

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage has received $15,000 for “Chagall for Children,” an interactive display encouraging cultural knowledge and appreciation among children.

Montessori Development Partnerships

Supported by Hershey Foundation, Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage Provided $50,000 for Northeast Ohio Montessori Training to expand and improve Montessori education.

Musical Arts Association

The Musical Arts Association received $10,000 for “The Chevalier,” fostering community cultural development via music.

Rainey Institute

Promoted by Rainey Institute, the El Sistema @ Pivot Center, empowering kids through music and community participation, received $12,000 from the Hershey Foundation Grants.

University Circle Inc.

YWCA Greater Cleveland got $10,000 from the foundation for YAY! Saturday Book Distribution, which promotes literacy and book availability for neighborhood youngsters.

The Angie Fowler Adolescent Cancer Institute

YWCA Greater Cleveland received $25,000 (third year of $100,000 funding) from UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital to promote important adolescent healthcare.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy

YWCA Greater Cleveland got $5,000 for Nature Quests for Children, which teaches kids about the outdoors.

YWCA Greater Cleveland

YWCA Greater Cleveland has received $10,000 from the Hershey Foundation for Racial justice Reading Materials to promote racial justice education for children and families. If you want to know more about grants provided by the Hershey Foundation, you can check https://www.thehersheyfoundation.org/2022-grants and https://www.thehersheyfoundation.org/2021-grants


The Hershey Foundation Grants play a vital role in supporting charitable organizations, particularly in Northeast Ohio. Through funding projects and programs, the foundation enables nonprofits to address societal issues, advance research, and enhance educational opportunities, making a positive impact on children’s lives. The commitment of the Hershey Foundation to community growth is evident in the diverse grants awarded, reflecting a dedication to arts, education, healthcare, and environmental causes. The grant application process ensures transparency and accountability, fostering collaboration with eligible 501(c)3 organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hershey Foundation Grants?  

Hershey Foundation Grants provide crucial financial help to 501(c)3 organizations, focusing on funding equipment, capital, and endowment efforts to benefit children in Northeast Ohio, fostering community growth.

Who is eligible for Hershey Foundation Grants?

Organizations must be 501(c)3 in order to qualify. No one can apply for a grant from the foundation.

What types of projects do Hershey Family Foundation Grants support?

Grants from the Hershey Family Foundation support initiatives that help children by purchasing equipment, money, or endowments. They do not foot the bill for wages, equipment, studies, or personal goals.

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