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Patterson Family Foundation Grants Funding

How To Get Patterson Foundation Grants – Exposing the Grant Landscape of the Patterson Foundation: A Route to Significant Effect. Grants from the Patterson Foundation shine out as rays of hope in the philanthropic landscape, fostering a wide range of social good initiatives. These funds create the foundation for constructive change, whether it is by improving the health and wellbeing of communities or by supporting the welfare of animals. Go through the article to know everything about Patterson Foundation Grants. Go through the article to know more about Patterson Foundation Grants.

Types of Patterson Foundations

There are mainly three units of this foundation, that includes Patterson Foundation, The Patterson Family Foundation and The Patterson Companies Foundation.

The Patterson Foundation

The Patterson Foundation, based in Sarasota, Florida, emphasizes community involvement and focused programming. It supports programs such as The Gap, Giving Challenge, and Mission of Mercy grants. The emphasis in this case is on teamwork. For example, The Giving Challenge encourages giving by matching donations and offering rewards, and The Gap closes the digital gap for underserved communities. To know more about them visit

Grant types:

  1. The Gap: Fills in the digital gap for marginalized communities, possibly through dental access initiatives.
  2. Mission of Mercy: May from occasionally collaborate with or lend assistance to MOM activities in nearby towns.

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The Patterson Family Foundation

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, the Patterson Family Foundation supports causes like healthcare, education, and economic development, mostly in the Kansas City area. This regionally focused charity supports projects that improve Kansas City. This could be boosting the infrastructure for healthcare, assisting with educational initiatives, or creating job possibilities for locals.

The Patterson Companies Foundation

The charitable division of Patterson Companies, Inc., the Patterson Companies Foundation, allocates its funds to improving animal and oral health as well as developing young people’s leadership potential. This foundation supports dental health and animal welfare, as its name implies. Funds are given to groups that train service animals, offer essential dental care, and develop the next generation of leaders in these sectors.

Grant types by Patterson Companies Foundation

  1. Events of Mission of Mercy (MOM): Individual scholarships of up to $5,000 are awarded based on variables such as patient volume and previous event outcomes.
  2. Employee expenses: Dental assistants, hygienists, or coordinators helping student volunteers may get up to $10,000.
  3. Strategic grants: This is a large-scale initiative that has an impact on national, regional, or metropolitan populations. The value of these awards can vary greatly, up to $60,000.

Patterson Foundation Grant Application

There are multiple Patterson Foundations, each with a different focus and methodology, therefore the application procedure for a grant will vary depending on which one you’re interested in. The following information will assist you in choosing the appropriate course:

The Patterson Foundation (Sarasota, Florida)

  1. Focus: Teamwork projects such as Mission of Mercy grants, The Gap, and the Giving Challenge.
  2. Application procedure: Not the same as for a conventional grant. Rather, they concentrate on particular projects all year round.
  3. How to continue learning: Check out their website or subscribe to their email to be informed about future grant opportunities.

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The Patterson Family Foundation (Kansas City, Missouri)

  1. Focus: Mainly in the Kansas City area, this includes economic growth, healthcare, and education.
  2. Procedure for applications: They usually have two grant rounds a year, with spring and fall deadlines. On their website, you can see the application requirements and dates.

Patterson Companies Foundation

  1. Focus: Youth leadership development, oral health, and animal health.
  2. Application procedure: Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. On their website, you may find the application form and guidelines.

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In the end, contributions from the Patterson Foundation provide a colorful picture of generosity in action. One grant at a time, each foundation, with its own unique purpose, paves the way for a better future. These funds symbolize a common goal: to have a significant impact on the environment. They can be used to build stronger communities, promote animal welfare, or develop the next generation of leaders. To know more about various foundation grants, visit 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Patterson Foundation located ?

The Patterson Foundation, located in Sarasota, Florida, has a strong emphasis on collaborative initiatives like The Gap, Mission of Mercy awards, and the Giving Challenge. This could be a good fit for your project if it emphasizes concentrated programming and community interaction.

Where is the Patterson Family Foundation located ?

The Kansas City, Missouri-based Patterson Family Foundation primarily targets the Kansas City region while supporting causes including healthcare, education, and economic development.

What does the Patterson Companies Foundation prioritize?

The Patterson Companies Foundation prioritizes animal welfare, dental health, and the development of young leaders.

What is the application procedure like and how frequently may I apply for grants?

The application procedure for the Patterson Foundation in Sarasota is different from that of conventional grants. They work on particular projects all year round. It is advised to visit their website or sign up for their email notifications for any updates that are released. The Patterson Family Foundation in Kansas City normally holds two grant rounds per year, with spring and fall deadlines.

How can I get information about the application dates of Patterson Foundation ?

Patterson Foundation’s official website has comprehensive information about the dates and procedures for applications. For the Patterson Companies Foundation: On a rolling basis, grant proposals are accepted regularly. Interested parties can access the application form and criteria on their website.

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