How To Apply For Rasmuson Foundation Capital Grants

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Rasmuson Foundation Capital Grants Application

How To Get Grants from Rasmuson Foundation Capital Grants Tier 1 and Tier 2 Application Process – In 1955, the Rasmuson Foundation Grants transformed Alaska and committed to improving Alaskans’ well-being. These scholarships range from individual artist prizes to Tier 1 and Tier 2 community-driven project financing. The foundation’s various projects, such Ciuneq’s Yup’ik Alphabet Coloring Book and Alma Manabat Parker’s Filipino dance project, benefit local communities. The foundation is taking a deliberate pause to refocus on reflection and giving.

The Rasmuson Foundation is a light of good change in Alaska, focusing on learning, health, arts, community development, and civic involvement. Organizations and individuals can check the foundation’s website for updates and possibilities.

There are some foundation grants, such as the Miami Foundation Community Grants, and The Prudential Foundation Grants are accountable for giving funds to needy organizations. You can check them and get grants from them.

Key Takeaways

  • Rasmuson Foundation grants support Alaskan nonprofits, artists, and tribal organizations.
  • Grant areas include learning, health, arts, community development, and civic engagement.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 grant programs fund capital projects and community initiatives.
  • Applications for all grants are currently paused, but will reopen in mid-2024

What are Rasmuson Foundation Grants?

Rasmuson Foundation Grants aim to improve Alaskans’ lives. Through funding programs, initiatives, and collaborations, the foundation has helped Alaskans since 1955.

Rasmuson Foundation Grants range from kids’ cross-country skis to village search and rescue equipment to huge capital projects like new clinics, libraries, and community centers with long-term benefits. The foundation provides four primary grants. Program-related investments assist finance projects, and the activities promote holistic solutions. The Rasmuson Foundation supports awards through partners.

A diverse, creative, and enthusiastic team of visionaries, professionals, and community leaders manages Foundation grants and collaborations. The foundation’s team members have diverse life experiences and powerful voices on housing, homelessness, health care, social supports, arts and culture, economic development, philanthropy, thriving communities, and all levels of government in Alaska.

To learn more about Rasmuson Foundation Grants, please click the official website of the foundation at

Types of Rasmuson Foundation Grants

Rasmuson Foundation Artist Grants

The Foundation’s Individual Artist Awards serve as a benchmark program. Just recently, the Rasmuson Foundation commemorated 20 years of providing awards to artists. While the foundation takes stock and collaborates with its creative community, the Foundation will not be offering any grants at this time. In order to hear from the people who will be most affected by the Individual Artist Awards, the Rasmuson Foundation Artist Grants are supporting many community Focus Groups. Someone will let us know later in 2024 when the Individual Artist Awards will be back for another round.

Artists in Alaska can apply for money through the Individual Artist Awards to help defray the costs of activities like contemplation, immersion, and experimentation that contribute to their creative growth. Rasmuson Foundation Artist Grants are optimistic that these expenditures will have a significant impact on the artistic landscape, community vitality, and Alaskan culture.

If you are looking for grants, you can check Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grant as it provides financial assistance to needy organizations.

Rasmuson Foundation  Tier 1  Grants 

There will be a brief hiatus in grantmaking from the Foundation. The deadline for Tier 1 applications is August 31, 2023, and the decision-making process will conclude in November 2023. Eligible Alaskan organizations, such as 501(c)(3) NGOs, tribal groups, and municipal governments, can apply for funding through this program to undertake modest capital projects, buy vehicles, or improve their technology.

Rasmuson Foundation receives about 200 inquiries annually. The average prize in Tier 1 is $16,000, while the highest amount is $25,000. There is currently a waiting list for new applicants. Rasmuson Foundation will be able to upgrade its systems during the brief halt in grantmaking. In mid-2024, applications will be open again.

Rasmuson Foundation  Tier 2  Grants 

Grants from the Rasmuson Foundation’s Tier 2 Program are now on hold. December 2023 is the deadline for reviewing and deciding on all accepted Tier 2 and PRI bids. Awards under this category often exceed $25,000 and are part of the Foundation’s larger grant program. Construction or renovation of structures, initiatives of clear strategic relevance, and creative responses to community or state-wide problems are all examples of capital projects that might get funding.

An established organization with a track record of success must undertake Tier 2 initiatives, and such projects must show signs of having an influence or benefit in the long run. In order to give us time to fix the systems, the Rasmuson Foundation Grants have put a temporary halt to awarding funds. All PRI and Tier 2 proposals received up until December 2023 will be reviewed and finalized by mid-2024. Midway through 2024 is the cutoff for receiving new proposals.

Sabbatical Program of Rasmuson Foundation

The Sabbatical Program gives tribal and charity CEOs/executive directors time to recharge. The candidate renews personally with this prize. Travel, enrichment, introspection, or relaxation are recipient-defined personal rejuvenation activities. Award levels raised to $50,000 in 2023 and fund 90–180-day sabbaticals.

Employees on sabbatical must leave their jobs for the whole time. Organizations receive funds to support nonprofit or tribal CEO salaries and costs during sabbatical. No difference is made between big and small companies. Native and nonprofit leaders should apply for these honors. Applications for next-year sabbaticals start in early summer and close in late summer. Leaders can apply online below during open time.

Focus Area of Rasmuson Foundation Grants

Here are some core areas of Rasmuson Foundation Grants


This domain promotes educational opportunities for all ages, from pre-K to college, and beyond.

Health and Wellness

Access to healthcare, avoidance of substance misuse, and good aging are all part of the broader goals of health and wellness.

Arts and Culture

This section provides assistance for cultural groups, artists, and historic preservation in Alaska. It also covers the humanities and arts.

Community Development

Economic growth, improved infrastructure, and environmental protection are all examples of initiatives that fall under this category. This category aims to enhance the quality of life in Alaskan communities.

Civic Engagement and Leadership

This sector backs initiatives to fortify democracy and inspire more people to get involved in their communities in Alaska.

There are also Joyce Foundation Grants, do not forget to check their eligibility for getting a grant amount for your organization in order to serve community welfare.

Eligibility for Rasmuson Foundation Grants

Here are some criteria for getting a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation

  1. Grantees must have their primary place of business in Alaska.
  2. 2. Organizations can only apply for tax-exempt status if they are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, or if they are part of a tribe or a government agency.
  3. Projects and activities proposed to the Foundation must be in harmony with its stated goals and priorities.
  • Curriculum Development Health Promotion
  • Cultural activities
  • Building stronger communities
  • Preserving the environment

Application Process of Rasmuson Foundation Grants

However, you can still prepare for the re-opening by doing the following

Click on over to the Foundation’s webpage

For information on the various grant programs, how to apply, and a list of previous recipients, see

Study the application instructions carefully

You will be able to access comprehensive instructions and guidelines on the website once the application process begins again.

Get a head start on project planning

Think about the Foundation’s aims and the project you want to propose. In order to bolster your application, compile all pertinent documents and facts.

Be up-to-date

To be the first to know about important developments, such as the reopening of the application process, subscribe to the Foundation’s email newsletter or follow them on social media.

Grantees of Rasmuson Foundation Grants

From Anchorage, Alaska, the Rasmuson Foundation has granted over $16 million to 30 unique projects, programs, and initiatives. Since 1955, these gifts have contributed about $500 million to the foundation. A Kodiak downtown marketplace, Alaska fisherman, and two more seasons of the PBS animated children’s show “Molly of Denali.” benefit. Working with Alaska’s organizations, tribes, and municipal governments, the Rasmuson Foundation supports healthcare, child development, community infrastructure, and social welfare.

Individual Artist Awards

The well-known charity, The Rasmuson Foundation, awarded 36 artists $550,000 in September. The Distinguished Artist award is $50,000, the fellowship award is $25,000, and the $10,000 project grant is unique among these prestigious honors. Recipients, who are selected by art experts from the outside, are thrilled to receive the accolades. Given that the organization is pausing submissions in order to realign its long-term goals, the grants are particularly meaningful for Alaskan artists.

Ciuneq’s Yup’ik Alphabet Coloring Book

The Ciuneq design team, Katie O’Connor and Nikki Corbett won a scholarship to fund their project “Katurte,” an alphabet coloring book in Yup’ik. Their project will get $25,000 from the award, the result of years of effort. The goal of the coloring book is to serve as a foundation for other materials. Those were motivated by Corbett’s wish to provide Yup’ik language tools for early readers. For Ciuneq, it will be a means of passing on the Yup’ik language and culture as well as an instrument for the instruction of other Native Alaskan languages.

Legacy of the Rasmuson Foundation

Started in 1955 with an investment of $3,000, The Rasmuson Foundation has given out $515 million to help people in Alaska. The foundation under Ed Rasmuson’s guidance grew beyond its original focus on funding a church’s motion picture projector. Now that Gretchen Guess has taken over as head of the foundation, it is taking stock of its quick expansion, achievements, and potential future courses of action after his passing in 2022. The strategy shift highlights the foundation’s dedication to long-term effects and smart giving.

Alma Manabat Parker’s Filipino Dance Project

Ketchikan native and first-generation Filipino immigrant Alma Manabat Parker will use the $10,000 funding to research the background of Filipino dances. Parker, who grew up in a Filipino neighborhood, is interested in learning more about the history and culture of the dances she learnt. She hopes to enrich Filipino dancing in Ketchikan with her grant-funded program. The goal of Parker’s endeavor is to help people have a deeper appreciation for and knowledge of the art form.

Year-Long Grant Pause

The Rasmuson Foundation stopped granting grants for a year after a very active year during that period they distributed large sums of money. The foundation can take stock, refocus, and fine-tune its objectives during this strategic pause. The Board will still be giving out big grants at the end of the year, but until mid-2024, it will not be accepting submissions for Tier 1 (up to $25,000), Tier 2 (more than $25,000), or individual artist prizes. A chance for internal alignment, documenting processes, and strategic planning presents itself during the pause.

Filipino Cultural Revival in Ketchikan

Alma Manabat Parker is reviving Filipino dancing with the $10,000 Rasmuson award in Ketchikan, a town with a population of Filipinos that exceeds 10%. Parker seeks to enhance cultural vibrancy by connecting Filipino youngsters with their ancestry, acknowledging the relevance of cultural context. Thanks to the award, she will be able to visit the Philippines, work with Filipino arts groups, and learn about different kinds of dance. This will help her realize her dream of creating a cultural hub where traditions may flourish.

Contact Details for Rasmuson Foundation 

Here are a few ways of getting in touch with the Rasmuson Foundation

Phone: 907-297-2700


Toll-free in Alaska: 877-366-2700

Fax: 907-297-2770


The Rasmuson Foundation Grants, which cover several areas, have improved Alaskan life since 1955. The organization promotes good change through artist prizes and Tier 1 and Tier 2 funding for community initiatives. Ciuneq’s Yup’ik Alphabet Coloring Book and Alma Manabat Parker’s Filipino dance project demonstrate grants’ influence. The foundation’s strategic pause emphasizes reflection and long-term effect. Future Rasmuson Foundation priorities include learning, health, arts, community development, and civic involvement. For updates and future possibilities, individuals and organizations can visit the foundation’s website and interact with its varied crew.

If you are interested in knowing about more foundation grants, you can check our website 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rasmuson Foundation Grants?

Rasmuson Foundation Grants, founded in 1955, improve Alaskan life. These scholarships vary from artist awards to community projects. The foundation’s strategic pause offers contemplation on its long-term influence in learning, health, arts, and community development.

How can organizations prepare for mid-2024 Rasmuson Foundation Tier 1 Grants reopening?

Tier 1 Grant applicants should prepare for the mid-2024 reopening during the strategic pause. This involves visiting the foundation’s website for changes, analyzing application instructions, and creating project proposals that meet its aims. For frequent updates, the foundation recommends subscribing to their email newsletter or following them on social media.

Is there a waiting list for new applicants for Rasmuson Foundation Tier 1 Grants?

Tier 1 Grant candidates are on a waiting list. The foundation has paused grantmaking to modernize its systems. Tier 1 Grant applications closed in August 2023, however future candidates should wait until mid-2024. The waiting list shows the significant demand for these funds for small capital projects, car purchases, and technological upgrades.

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