How To Apply For The Prudential Community Foundation Grants Program

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The Prudential Community Foundation Grants Program

How To Get Grants from The Prudential Community Foundation Grants Program – Economic, educational, and cultural activities are essential to society. Economic support creates jobs and stability in communities. Education gives people vital skills for personal and social progress. Culture and arts improve life by encouraging creativity and collective identification.

Thanks to The Prudential Foundation Grants. Focusing on these areas shows the Prudential Foundation’s holistic approach to enhancing people, building resilient communities, and boosting society. Through its investments in economic growth, education, and arts & culture, the Prudential Foundation advances society. The foundation strategically invests in communities to create jobs, boost education, and enrich culture with $81,677,052. Prudential Foundation addresses key social well-being pillars to promote meaningful and enduring social change.

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Key Takeaways

  • Areas of Focus: Economic Development, Education, Arts & Culture
  • Grant Range: $2,500 – $250,000+
  • Eligibility: Primarily 501(c)(3) nonprofits, focus on underserved urban communities
  • Location: Nationwide, with emphasis on Newark, NJ; Hartford, CT; and international efforts.

What are The Prudential Foundation Grants?

The Prudential Foundation is a Fortune 500 insurance and financial company’s philanthropy. The Newark, New Jersey-based corporation operates worldwide. The Prudential Foundation Grants support Economic Development, Education, and Art & Culture to help marginalized individuals, strong local economies, and vibrant artistic communities.

The Prudential Foundation is a powerful charitable corporation with $81,677,052 in assets, according to its 2022 IRS 990 declaration. Due to its dedication to improving communities, the foundation has donated $45,167,465. At $301,116, the foundation’s average gift amount shows its size.

This demonstrates a constant commitment to major financial assistance for economic growth, education, and arts & cultural activities. The foundation’s judicious use of resources among varied initiatives is seen by the median award amount, $166,000. The Prudential Foundation’s financial strength and commitment to social change are evident in its well-funded philanthropy, which supports leadership, collaboration, and evidence-based practices for displaced youth.

As well as a special project in New Orleans and international efforts in Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan, the Prudential Foundation invests in Newark, NJ; Hartford, CT; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; and other cities. Non Tax-exempt, labor, religious, political, lobbying, fraternal, direct donations to individuals, single-disease health groups, and goodwill advertising are not funded by the foundation. Non-discriminatory organizations that help underprivileged populations are supported by the foundation.

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Focus Area of The Prudential Foundation Grants

Prudential Foundation grants focus on economic development, education, and arts & culture.


To break poverty and disinvestment, the foundation revitalizes urban communities, creates jobs, and promotes small company growth under Economic growth. The goals include living wage for adults, asset growth, and community facility upgrades.


For Education, the foundation wants to improve public education for all children’s social and economic results. Goals include establishing great educational leaders, enhancing academic success, and promoting school or out-of-school involvement. The organization funds teacher and principal training, policy improvements, and community-based youth development.

Arts & Culture

The Prudential Foundation promotes local economies and various arts experiences in Arts & Culture. The foundation invests in arts groups, develops audiences, and encourages innovative art to improve community quality of life and economic value.

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Eligibility for The Prudential Foundation Grants

Here are some criteria for getting grants from The Prudential Foundation Grants

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits are qualified.
  • Some programs may explore faith-based or school-based groups, depending on their aims.
  • The Prudential Community Grants Program in New Jersey grants up to $2,500 for community initiatives as a micro-grant.
  • The Prudential Foundation awards throughout the US, focusing on urban underprivileged populations.
  • Check program guidelines for geographic restrictions.

Application Process of The Prudential Foundation Grants

The Prudential Foundation Grants application procedure varies per program. You can follow these general steps

Choose the correct grant program

The Prudential Foundation provides grants in youth development, financial literacy, and community development. Explore the Foundation’s programs online to find one that fits your organization’s mission and goals.

Review qualifying criteria

Each grant program has different requirements. Before applying, make sure your company fits all requirements. Foundation qualifying requirements are on the website and in grant program rules.

Gather the required materials

The required materials for a grant application will vary depending on the program. However, some common materials include:

  • A completed application
  • Project proposal
  • Budget and financial accounts of the organization
  • Supporting letters IRS tax-exempt decision letter

Submit your application

You have the option to submit your application either online or by mail once you have collected all of the necessary documentation. Application due dates are program-specific and subject to change.

Wait for a decision

In a few months, the Foundation will decide after reviewing all of the applications. The Foundation will inform you of the outcome of your application.

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Grantees of The Prudential Foundation Grants

Here are some past grantees of the Prudential Foundation Grants


The Prudential Foundation awarded $10,000 to Candid, whose address is 32 Old Slip 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005. As an example of The Prudential Foundation’s dedication to programs that increase openness and knowledge about nonprofits, this money will go toward partnership dues that support the GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.

Casa For Children Of Essex County Inc

The recipient of the $50,000 award is Casa For Children Of Essex County Inc, located at 212 Washington Street – Room 912, Newark, NJ 07102. With this grant, the organization was able to assist the project “Decoding the Myths of the Foster Care System: Exploring the Past to Understand the Present,”. The Project aimed to shed light on the systemic problems that exist in foster care.

Advocates For Children Of New Jersey

Located at 35 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102, Advocates For Children Of New Jersey was the lucky winner of a $75,000 award. The “Newark Kids Count 2023” campaign and youth engagement activities were the beneficiaries of the monies, showcasing The Prudential Foundation’s dedicated to funding initiatives that prioritize the well-being and growth of Newark’s kids.

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc

Donated two hundred thousand dollars is the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc., whose headquarters are at The Joan Weill Center for Dance, 405, New York, NY 10019. Much of this funding went toward Ailey’s Newark-based education projects. This project aims to increase community members’ exposure to and participation in the arts.

American National Red Cross

The Prudential Foundation was kind enough to award two donations to the American National Red Cross, with headquarters located at 431 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20006. A $250,000 award went toward a relationship among emergency responders, while a $200,000 grant went toward relief operations following Hurricane Ian.

American Red Cross

The Prudential Foundation, with headquarters at 209 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004, has donated $520 to the American Red Cross and its affiliates in an additional effort to strengthen disaster relief efforts. These funds will go toward matching donations made in aid of the Florida relief and recovery operations.

American Online Giving Foundation Inc.

The Prudential Foundation provided major funding to the American Online Giving Foundation Inc. This organization is located at 40 East Main Street, Suite 887, Newark, DE 19711. From December 2021 through November 2022, the Benevity Invoice Matching Gifts Program will receive a grant of $4,697,334. Around the same time, the Benevity Invoice PruCares Volunteer Incentive Program received a grant of $117,351.

Asset Funders Network 

A grant of $140,000 was given to Asset Funders Network in 2022. Their address is 2045 W Grand Ave Ste B, Chicago, IL 60612. By providing year-round support, this financing exemplifies The Prudential Foundation’s dedicated to enhancing the grantees’ capacities in their particular fields.

Cause Effective Inc

No. 209 W. 29th Street 242, New York, NY 10001, is the address of Cause Effective Inc. The organization was granted $65,000. The grant was used to support the effort Rebranding Newark as a Fundraising Asset. This effort demonstrates the dedication of The Prudential Foundation to programs that help nonprofits raise more money.

Center For Land Reform Inc

The organization 111 E. Court Street, Suite 2C-1, Flint, MI 48502, known as Center For Land Reform Inc., was granted $40,000. Newark, NJ-based relationship development and local learning programs benefited from the grant. This grant mirrored the Prudential Foundation’s emphasis on programs that foster community involvement and education.

Boys And Girls Clubs Of Newark Inc

With a generous $200,000 contribution, The Prudential Foundation supported Boys And Girls Clubs Of Newark Inc., situated at 1 Avon Ave, Newark, NJ 07108. This grant enabled the “Foundations of Transformation, Year 4 of 7” program to continue its mission of providing Newark’s youngsters with the resources they need to thrive in the long run.

Braven Incorporated

The $250k award went to Braven Incorporated, located at 100 N LaSalle Street, Suite 310, 60602, Chicago, IL 60602. Programs like “Braven: Accelerating Economic Mobility for College Students in Partnership with Rutgers University-Newark” were able to get these funds. The Prudential Foundation’s dedication to programs that increase access to higher education as a means to better economic opportunities was on full display with this award.

Brazil Foundation

A donation of $304,000 was given to the Brazil Foundation, with its headquarters at 216 East 45th Street, Suite 1106, New York, NY 10017. This donation shows that The Prudential Foundation is serious about supporting global efforts that help young people get jobs and advance economically in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Contact details of The Prudential Foundation

Here are some ways of getting in touch with the Prudential Foundation


EIN: 222175290

Phone: 973-367-4565

Physical Address: 751 Broad Street 3 Rd Floor, Newark, NJ 07102


The Prudential Foundation Grants support economic growth, education, and arts & culture to promote constructive social change. With $81,677,052 in assets, the foundation has carefully allocated $45,167,465, demonstrating its commitment to effective giving. The median grant value of $166,000 shows the diversity of programs sponsored, while the average grant amount of $301,116 shows significant investment in critical areas. The foundation’s emphasis on underserved people, cooperation, and evidence-based strategies shows its dedication to enduring change. The Prudential Foundation builds strong communities and promotes social well-being through strategic investments in Newark, NJ; Hartford, CT; and internationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Prudential Foundation Grants?

The Prudential Foundation Grants are charitable activities that are carried out by Prudential Financial. These grants are centered on the areas of economic development, education, and music and culture. The foundation has assets of $81,677,052 and makes strategic investments in communities. These investments include providing assistance to persons who are marginalized, strengthening local economies, and enriching creative communities for the purpose of bringing about persistent social change.

What are the primary focus areas of The Prudential Foundation Grants?

The three main areas of emphasis for the Prudential Foundation Grants are cultural and artistic endeavors, educational advancement, and economic growth. These tenets are considered cornerstones of promoting social welfare and constructive social transformation.

What are the eligibility criteria for organizations seeking Prudential Foundation Grants?

501(c)(3) nonprofits can receive Prudential Foundation funds. Additionally, the foundation considers religious or educational institutions based on their aims. The organization also runs a micro-grant program in New Jersey and distributes funds nationwide, focusing on economically disadvantaged urban areas.

How does the application process for Prudential Foundation Grants work?

The application process for each grant program varies. Organizations must choose a grant program, check eligibility, gather the necessary paperwork (such as a completed application, a project proposal, and financial records), and submit the application online or by mail. After months of reviewing submissions, the foundation notifies applicants.

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