How To Apply For Capital One $10k Foundation Grant

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Capital One $10k Foundation Grant

How To Apply For Capital One $10k Foundation Grant – The Capital One $10k Foundation Grant was an initiative of Capital One and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) that provided financial assistance to Black-owned businesses hit hard by the epidemic. Critical financial assistance and resources are the goal of this effort, which is a component of Capital One’s larger commitment to promoting social mobility and fairness through the Capital One Impact Initiative.

Aside from the monetary prize, grantees get access to Capital One’s Business Hub, where they may network with other entrepreneurs and get practical guidance from those who have already achieved success.  If you want to get grants for your community development, please check the Capital One Foundation grant.

Key Takeaways

  • Capital One partnered with AEO to offer $10k grants to Black-owned businesses impacted by COVID.
  • Grants provided financial assistance, access to Capital One’s Business Hub resources, and networking opportunities.
  • Focus on women-owned businesses helped narrow the gender gap in entrepreneurship.
  • Grant program aimed to strengthen economic mobility and community development.

What is the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant ?

The Capital One $10,000 foundation grant intends to keep working with AEO and provide more financing possibilities in the future, even if the application period for that year ended in March. The grant’s focus is on helping underprivileged areas. If company owners are interested in receiving information about upcoming grants and assistance initiatives, they may sign up for AEO’s email list.

If you want to know more information regarding the effectiveness of the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant, please visit the official website here.

Focus Area of Capital One $10k Foundation Grant 

The main aim of the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant is to raise women’s presence in the business arena. However, the grant focuses on black women more. Here are some crucial areas, mentioned below, where the grant focuses and provides grants.

  1. Promoting for Black-Owned Companies

To aid Black-owned businesses hit hard by the epidemic, Capital One and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) established a $10,000 award program, called Capital One $10k Foundation Grant. A component of Capital One’s larger mission to promote economic mobility and fairness, this effort is known as the Capital One Impact effort.

  1. Help with Money and Other Resources

For qualified companies, the grant program is a lifeline financially, and it also gives them access to Capital One’s Business Hub. For companies to succeed in today’s cutthroat market, this platform is a must-have resource. It offers networking opportunities and practical guidance from successful business owners.

  1. Committed to Raising Economic and Social Status

An example of Capital One’s commitment to helping underprivileged areas thrive is its $200 million Impact Initiative, which will run for several years. Capital One $10k Foundation Grant goal in forming this partnership with AEO is to help Black-owned businesses prosper by filling the finance gap that prevents them from expanding.

  1. Possibility for the Future

The application window for the March 2022 award has ended, but Capital One will continue to work with small companies through partnerships and other initiatives. If you are a business owner interested in learning about future financing possibilities and assistance programs, you can sign up for AEO’s email list.

There are some relatable foundation grants such as Capital Planet Foundation Grants, and Enterprise Holdings Foundation grants, you can check to grab your possibilities of monetary help.

Capital One $10k Foundation Grant Eligibility Requirements

Especially Black-owned companies that have struggled financially, especially in the wake of the epidemic, Capital One has established a $10,000 foundation grant. Applicants must fulfill the following conditions in order to be considered for the $10,000 Capital One foundation award.

  • The Length and Type of Business Ownership

There needs to be a minimum of two years of operation and Black ownership for the firm to be considered. This makes sure that the funding goes to companies who have been around for a while and have a solid reputation.

  • Criteria for Earnings

To qualify, a company’s yearly sales must be less than $1 million. This ensures that the grant’s resources go to the small companies who will reap the greatest rewards.

  • Place and Responsibilities Under Law

The company’s location must be in the US, and it must follow all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws. As part of this, they ensure that they have all the required licenses and permissions to lawfully operate within their jurisdictions.

  • Required Paperworks

The AEO application site requires all users to register and establish a company profile. In order to avoid disqualification, they must correctly fill out an eligibility form. Following that, qualified companies can upload all the necessary paperwork to complete a comprehensive application.

  • Committed to Ongoing Collaboration

Capital One’s Business Hub provides grantees of Capital One $10k Foundation Grant with networking events and tools to help them build and maintain their companies.

Elizabeth George Foundation Grants are responsible for giving financial assistance to needy people. Check your eligibility to get a grant amount from the foundation.

Grantees of Capital One $10k Foundation Grant 

The Capital One $10k Foundation Grant helps underrepresented small companies, especially Black and Hispanic-owned ones, get capital. These awards help companies recover from pandemics, invest in development, and build community resilience.

Black-Owned Businesses

Black-owned companies who struggled during the epidemic received considerable help from the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant. Among the 170 firms that received funding, many were Black-owned, demonstrating Capital One’s commitment to Black economic progress. The cash boost helped these retail, technology, and professional services companies stabilize and prepare for development.

Women-Owned Businesses

Interestingly, 65% of award beneficiaries were women-owned enterprises. This highlights the problems female entrepreneurs, especially those of color, have in obtaining finance and resources. The $10,000 awards helped these women-led firms overcome financial challenges and invest in marketing, inventory, and technological upgrades. Capital One supports women entrepreneurs to narrow the company ownership gender gap and create a more inclusive economy.

Businesses with Community Impact

Yes, the Capital One $10K grants also help in community development. The communal effect of several grantees was considered. These companies want to succeed financially and improve their communities. Healthcare, education, and social service providers were beneficiaries. These enterprises improved their service delivery and expanded their reach with funds, boosting community well-being and development. The grant was a boon, especially in the time of pandemic. More information is available on this page.

Innovative Startups

Innovative startups with growth and scalability potential were awardees. These emerging technology and creative firms earned $10,000 awards to help them grow. Funding went to product development, market research, and business model validation. Capital One promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities by funding these firms.

Recipients of the SOAR Fund

Capital One’s SOAR Fund commitment supported small companies beyond direct subsidies. This fund targeted diverse enterprises in fifteen southern states and Washington D.C., with two-thirds founded by individuals of color. Grants helped these companies recover from pandemics and invest in long-term growth. The SOAR Fund shows Capital One’s holistic approach to aiding underrepresented businesses via regional collaboration and targeted funding.

Participants in the Accelerator Programs

Capital One Accelerator Program companies including The DEC Network and UT Dallas were also grantees. These programmes included a thorough curriculum, networking, and practical sessions. The $10,000 awards supplemented the accelerator’s intense support, helping participants develop their company concepts and pitch investors. Our comprehensive support system has helped these firms go from idea to reality.

Application Process for Capital One $10k Foundation Grant

After recognizing the eligibility criteria, applicants can move to the application process. If you are women in need and want to disclose your business idea, then here are some crucial steps you must follow to get a significant amount grant from the Capital One $10k foundation, such as

Establish Your Profile

Click “Register” on the top right of the page at to create an account. Finish signing up by entering your details and clicking the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

Create a Business Profile

Find the “My Profile” part of the “Account Settings” menu once you’ve logged in. Choose “Set up organization” and then fill out the form to create a profile for your small business. Make sure everything is correct before clicking “CONTINUE.”

Verify Eligibility for Grant Programs

Navigate to the “Programs” submenu item in the upper right corner of the screen. For the Capital One Grant Application, find it and click “More.” Get the eligibility form filled out by clicking the “CHECK ELIGIBILITY” button. You risk having your application rejected if you provide inaccurate information, so be sure to answer all questions accurately.

Notification of Eligibility

Someone will let you know if you qualify for the grant or not when you fill out the eligibility form. Get in touch with [email protected] if you think your eligibility status was mistaken.

Fill Out Application

Go to the grant application page if you’re eligible. Go ahead and fill out your application by clicking the green “Apply” button after you’ve given it a name. Before you can go to the application and upload your documents, there are two sections to go through: the terms and conditions and the eligibility form.

Fill up and send in the form

Be sure you submit all necessary papers and complete all fields. When you are ready to finish your application, click the green “SUBMIT” button. Once you have correctly submitted all of the required papers and information, your application will be deemed complete.

Capital One $10,000 foundation grant application deadline changes from one program and funding cycle to the next. To stay up-to-date on all the latest award opportunities, applicants should visit the websites of Capital One and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO). Alternatively, they can join up for the mailing list of AEO.

If you are business-oriented and need money to get a strat, or you are a black person you can check the application process in detail here.

Contact information for Capital One $10k Foundation Grant 

You can follow the grants in different ways. Here are those.

Capital One $10k Foundation Grant online site


Capital One $10k Foundation Grant phone number

You can call 1-877-383-4802 for general inquiry


Black and Hispanic company owners, in particular, have felt the effects of The Capital One $10,000 Foundation Grant in a very significant way. These awards have helped companies recover from pandemic-related issues, engage in development possibilities, and contribute positively to their communities by providing vital financial support and access to useful resources through Capital One’s Business Hub. Funding for women-owned firms has also increased gender parity in the entrepreneurial sector.

The dedication of The Capital One $10k Foundation Grant to promoting economic mobility and fairness has, in the end, made the economy stronger and more resilient. This highlights the importance of targeted financial aid in fostering long-term company success and community improvement. If you are interested in knowing more about foundation grants, then please visit our page grants buddy at 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant and how did it help Black-owned businesses?

The Capital One $10k Foundation Grant, created with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), provided financial aid and resources to Black-owned businesses struggling during the pandemic. This initiative offered critical financial assistance, access to Capital One’s Business Hub network and resources, and aimed to promote economic mobility and fairness for Black entrepreneurs.

What documents are needed for the Capital One $10k Foundation Grant?

The applicant must be able to demonstrate ownership of the business, produce financial accounts that reveal yearly income, and provide confirmation that the business has been running for a minimum of two years. A business strategy, any necessary licenses or permissions for legal operation, and any other material requested in the application criteria may be included as additional papers.

Can I get a Capital One $10k Foundation Grant for personal use?

No, The $10,000 Capital One Foundation Grant is reserved for companies run by Black people. The money needs to go into things like advertising, stocking shelves, improving technology, and other expenditures that will help the company expand and weather financial storms.

How to increase chances of winning Capital One $10k Foundation Grant

Having an accurate and comprehensive application can improve your chances. Outline how the funding will help your company expand and have a positive influence on the community. Make the most of AEO’s networking opportunities and advice services to bolster your application. The financial and operational records should also be kept current and well recorded.

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