Clif BAR Foundation Grants For Operational Support

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Clif BAR Foundation Grants For Operational Support

How To Get Grants from Clif Bar Foundation Grants – Organic farming without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers reduces chemical exposure, making it safer. It encourages pesticide-free, nutrient-rich vegetables for wellness. Sustainable organic farming improves mental health by protecting the environment. Organic farming promotes community, decreases stress, and improves mental health by creating a better, more peaceful atmosphere. Clif Bar Foundation Grants support good changemakers. The foundation funds grassroots regenerative farming, community health, and environmental programs to improve well-being, sustainability, and fairness. Their funding inspires community and environmental change.

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What are Clif Bar Foundation Grants?

Clif Bar Foundation Grants, launched in 2006, funds small-to-midsize grassroots food systems, community health, and environmental projects. In its mission to build a better, more equitable, and more sustainable society, the foundation supports regenerative agriculture, equitable access to nutritious food, and climate justice. To build a healthy, equitable, and sustainable society, the foundation supports innovative thinking and equips the next generation of leaders. More and more, especially as grandparents, we want to do our part to keep the earth habitable for generations to come.

In 2022, the Clif Family Foundation reported $551,376,013 in assets. Dedicated to philanthropy, the foundation has donated $3,921,849. The median award amount is $7,500, while the average is $9,852. These numbers demonstrate the foundation’s strong support for varied efforts that promote a healthier, more sustainable world.

If you want to know more about the Clif Bar Foundation, you can visit their official website at

Focus Area of Clif Bar Foundation Grants

Here are some core areas that the Clif Bar Foundation Focuses on, mentioned below.

Regenerative and Organic Farming

The use of regenerative agricultural methods, such as organic, climate-resilient, egalitarian, and agroecological techniques, should be escalated.

Food Production Workers’ Health and Safety

Redouble the foundation’s efforts to ensure that those who work in the food industry have access to safe, fair, and empowering working and living circumstances.

Healthy Food Access

Put forth reforms to food systems that increase the availability, affordability, and cultural appropriateness of foods that are both healthful and sustainably grown.

Outdoors Fit for Healthy Living

Initiate policies that make it easier for more people to go to areas with safe air and water, and that allocate more funds to programs that encourage physical exercise and mental wellness.

Climate Justice

Accelerate the pursuit of climate justice and strengthen community resilience initiatives that aim to reduce the impact of climate change. Find out your organization’s eligibility for Chumash Foundation Grants in order to get great opportunities for your organization to serve your community

Eligibility for Clif Bar Foundation Grants

Funding for particular initiatives and more broad organizational assistance are both covered under these awards.

  • In order to participate, your group has to be either a legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit or have another non-profit organization serving as its fiscal sponsor.
  • There has to be a clear purpose and set of attainable targets for your project.

Clif Family Foundation Grants do not support deficits, endowments, capital building, or persons. National organizations with local branches may be considered, although the foundation usually supports the national chapter or a local chapter near its offices. Also excluded are municipal and state government organizations, media initiatives, religious groups, and seminar and fundraising sponsorship.

Clif Bar Foundation Grants Application Process

Here are some crucial steps an applicant can see if they are willing to apply for a grant from the Clif Bar Foundation.

  1. Sign in: Create a free Submittable account or sign in with Google or Facebook to submit an application. Sign in if you already have an account on the Clif Bar Family Foundation Grants Portal 
  2. Store progress and complete later: You can store a draft of the application to finish later.
  3. Making any Changes: If you need to make changes after submitting your application, you can update it or withdraw and reapply.
  4. Teamwork: Invite many users to work on the same program. To begin, click “Invite Collaborators” at the top of the application form. Learn more about cooperation here.
  5. General requirement: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are excellent for the platform. Edge and IE are unsupported. Please use a supported browser.
  6. File uploads: Submittable works best on laptops and desktops, while mobile devices may not operate. Files must be valid file formats. The application’s “Choose File” button lists allowed file formats. If you still can’t upload files, try another browser (see system requirements).
  7. Email: We’ll email you about your submission. Please safelist Submittable notification emails and constantly check your account email.

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Deadline for Clif Bar Foundation Grants

These grants fund operations and initiatives. The deadlines for applications are March 1 and August 1. Grant announcements come four months after the deadline.

Clif Bar Foundation Grants’ grantees 

Here are some past grantees of the Clif Bar Foundation Grants

All Hands Boatworks

All Hands Boatworks received $5,000 in 2022 from the Clif Bar Foundation to promote community health. Their address is 2027 W Fond du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53205. Foundation funded boat-building projects to boost health and fitness.

Alliance For Global Justice

Alliance For Global Justice, 225 E 26th Street Suite 1, Tucson, AZ 85713, received $10,000 in 2022 from Clif Bar Foundation to enhance community health. They obtained foundation financing for social justice and community welfare activities.

18 Reasons

The Clif Family Foundation gave 18 Reasons, 3150 18th Street, San Francisco $10,000 in 2022. The prize funded activities to enhance local health.

About Fresh

About Fresh, 69 Shirley St, Boston, MA 021193066, won $20,000 in 2022 from Clif Bar Foundation. By promoting local food network strengthening and sustainability, the foundation aimed to boost the food system.

Action For The Climate Emergency

Action For The Climate Emergency an organization situated at 4696 Broadway Suite 2, Boulder, CO 80304 is responsible for mitigating the climate impact. The organization aims to safeguard the environment. For this philanthropic work, the organization received $10,000 in 2022 from the Clif Bar Foundation. In this way, Clif Bar Foundation supports and commits to conservation and climate change programs.

Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres, 2420 19th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 971162459, received a $5,000 money grant in 2022 from the foundation in order to enhance community health. With the help of this significant grant, the organization introduced some projects that helped people to stay healthy and well.

Adventurers & Scientists For Conservation

Adventurers & Scientists For Conservation was aimed to protect the environment. For this, the Adventurers & Scientists For Conservation got a $10,000 money grant from the Clif Bar Foundation. In this way, the foundation gives support to the organization and raises awareness of natural landscape preservation.


Additionally, the Clif Bar Foundation donated $25,000 to 350org, located at PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284. wanted to preserve natural ecosystems and resources, and this contribution guaranteed their survival.

412 Food Rescue

The Clif Bar Foundation sponsored their food waste reduction and natural resource conservation programs. Therefore, the foundation gave a $10,000 grant to 412 Food Rescue, situated at 6022 Broad Street, Pittsburgh, PA 152060000, to address the food insecurities.

The ACLU Foundation

The ACLU Foundation located at 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor in New York, NY 10004 got a $36 grant from Clif Bar Foundation in 2022 to promote community wellbeing. The Clif Bar Foundation values community service, and this donation shows that.

Acta Non-Verba Youth Urban Farm Project

The Acta Non-Verba Youth Urban Farm Project, 23532 Calabasas Rd Ste A, 91302, received $5,000 from the Clif Bar Foundation in 2022. We encourage our food system activities because the Cliff Bar Foundation thinks urban gardening can alter young people’s lives. The money supported the Acta Non-Verba Youth Urban Farm Project.

Agricultural Justice Project

The Agricultural Justice Project, located at 5700 SW 34th Street Ste 349, Gainesville, Florida 32608, was named the recipient of a $10,000 prize in the year 2022. Priorities of the foundation that focused on agricultural equity and justice contributed to an improvement in the food chain.

Alabama Center For Sustainable Energy

Another grantee of the Clif Bar Foundation, Alabama Center For Sustainable Energy, Huntsville, AL 35807 PO Box 1381, won $7,500 in 2022 from the foundation. They focused on renewable energy with foundation grants to protect the environment.

Alabama Coastal Foundation

The Alabama Coastal Foundation located at 250 Conti St., 2nd Floor, 36602, in Mobile, Alabama received $6,000 in 2022 from the Clif Bar Foundation. Charity activity focused on coastal and environmental protection.

Allegheny Mountain Institute

Clif Bar Foundation grants include Allegheny Mountain Institute. Allegheny Mountain Institute got $10,000 2022. Organization address: PO Box 542, Staunton, VA 244020542. The charity improved the food system via outreach and education

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch, situated at 520 3rd Street Suite 108, Oakland, CA 94612, received a $10,000 award in 2022 from the Clif Bar Foundation. The aim of the fund is for environmental and resource preservation activities. The Foundations supported Amazon rainforest preservation and indigenous rights.

American Farmland Trust (AFT)

American Farmland Trust (AFT), situated at 1150 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, received $10,000 in 2022. The foundation supported sustainable agriculture and farmland preservation to enhance the food chain.

Austin Explore Inc

Austin Explore Inc aimed to improve their health and wellness activities. The winner of $7,300 in 2022 from the Clif Bar Foundation for community health improvement efforts Austin Explore Inc.., 1111 W 24th St 201, Austin, TX 78705.

Austin Youth & Community Farm

Austin Youth & Community Farm, 4900 Gonzales St, Austin, TX 78702, won $5,000 in 2022. Sustainable agriculture and community participation were key priorities to improve the food system.

Angelic Organics Learning Center

Another grantee of Clif Bar Foundation Grants, The Angelic Organics Learning Center, 1547 Rockton Rd, Caledonia, IL 610119572, won $3,500 in 2022 from the foundation. Outreach and education by the foundation improves the food chain.

Ann Richards School For Young Women

For the purpose of bettering the community in 2022, $103 was donated to the Ann Richards School For Young Women. It is located at 3908 Avenue B 214, Austin, TX 78751. Funds from the Clif Bar Foundation Grants helped fund initiatives that boosted community health and empowered young people.

Ao Advocating Opportunity

In 2022, with the goal of enhancing community health, Ao Advocating Opportunity located at 2 Maritime Plaza 1st Floor, Toledo, OH 43604, USA earned a $5,000 grant from the Clif Bar Foundation Grants. The foundation provides funding for its wellness and health programs.


A $150 grant was given to Asde in 2022 by the Clif Foundation Grants so that they could enhance the community’s well-being. Asde is located at 20 Cottage Street, Sharon, MA 02067. Community health and wellbeing became their primary emphasis with the support of the foundation.

Contact Details of  Clif Family Foundation

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the Clif Family Foundation Grants, mentioned.

Phone: 510-596-6383

Address: 1334 B Vidovich Ave, Saint Helena, CA 94574

EIN: 204345935



Climate change and food insecurity are interrelated and serious worldwide concerns. Insecurity increases when climate change damages crops and causes food shortages. Both are essential for sustainable development, food availability, and environmental risk mitigation for a resilient and equitable future. Thanks to The Clif Bar Foundation Grants. The foundation funds regenerative agriculture, community health, environmental preservation leaders, and grassroots projects. To promote community health, environmental preservation, and sustainable food systems, the foundation has shown it supports programs by giving funds to 18 Reasons, All Hands Boatworks, and the Alliance for Global Justice. To make a difference, the Clif Bar Foundation urges action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Clif Bar Foundation Grants?

Clif Bar Foundation Grants help by giving money to small to medium-sized food systems, health, and environmental projects at the local level. The goal of these funds is to support climate justice, green farming, and easy access to healthy food in order to make society more fair, healthier, and more sustainable.

Who can apply for Clif Bar Foundation Grants?

Eligible Applicant groups must be nonprofits with a well-defined mission and measurable objectives. To be eligible, an organization must need a valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, or they must have another charity serving as their fiscal sponsor.

When are the deadlines for Clif Bar Foundation Grants?

The deadline of the Clif Bar Foundation Grants is March 1 and August 1. The deadline for getting funds from the Clif Bar Foundation announcements is four months later, and these funds give financial help to a variety of actions and projects

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