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Freddie Mac Foundation Grants Giving Program

Freddie Mac Foundation Grants – Homebuyers, homeowners, and renters in the United States are the intended beneficiaries of the Freddie Mac Foundation Grants, with the goal of providing housing market stability, affordability, and liquidity in a fair and equitable manner. By funding the development and maintenance of more reasonably priced housing options, they are ensuring that families all around the country have the chance to Make Home Possible.

Together, Freddie Mac’s corporate giving initiatives and the Freddie Mac Foundation work to improve the quality of life for the people whose houses they fund. When they work together, they want to improve children’s and families’ quality of life and have a good effect on youth development and happiness. For more information, you can visit the  website of the Freddie Mac Foundation at

What are Freddie Mac Foundation Grants?

A charitable organization, the Freddie Mac Foundation Grants does not seek economic gain from its operations. Grants from the Foundation help programs in the Washington, DC region that promote stable homes and families, foster care and adoption, and academic and professional achievement.

In 1970, Congress founded Freddie Mac to provide a constant and inexpensive supply of mortgage funds nationwide and to assist with the U.S. home finance system. Freddie Mac does not provide direct loans to customers but rather purchases loans from qualified lenders in the secondary mortgage market in the United States. As a result, more money may flow into the housing market and more suitable borrowers can get loans from those lenders. Freddie Mac then sells these securities to investors all across the globe after pooling the mortgages it has purchased.

The organization has helped 1.5 million families throughout the country in the last year through its Making Home Possible program. Of the 807,000 single-family homes that were financed as part of this significant initiative, 50% were purchased by individuals who were purchasing their first house. Furthermore, the foundation has provided funding for 545,000 apartment complexes, with an astounding 90% of those units reserved for tenants with moderate to low incomes.

The foundation helped more than 1.5 million children and has invested around $218 million since 1991. In addition, the foundation gave $40 million to Wahington people in 2003 in order to improve their living, and also gave a grant of $2 million in terms of the Helping Hand Emergency Fund.

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Eligibility for Freddie Mac Foundation Grants

Your company needs to meet these qualifications and net worth standards in order to be pre-qualified for approval as a Freddie Mac Foundation grant:

  • The applicant must be a stable organization and a going concern that is legally allowed to do business in every area where it originates or services loans.
  • Applicants or organizations must be legitimate businesses that can make and or handle investment-grade loans.
  • The applicant must be a business that is set up under federal law, the laws of one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the laws of a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company based in the United States.

Focus Area of Freddie Mac Foundation Grants

The focus of  Freddie Mac Foundation Grants surrounds three areas such as:

  • Strengthening Families- Stopping child abuse and mistreatment and encouraging healthy growth in the first few years of life. For the year 2003, the Freddie Mac Foundation gave $11.3 million to projects that would improve the lives of children, teens, and families. The main goal of these efforts was to help with important things like preventing child abuse and mistreatment, supporting early childhood development, and keeping families together.
  • Foster Care and Adoption-  Finding foster children loving, long-term homes. In 2003, the Freddie Mac Foundation gave $5 million to programs that would help kids and teens, especially those who were in foster care. The foundation’s money went to a few main areas: helping kids find loving, stable homes, helping teens make the change from being a kid to an adult, and pushing for better policies and practices in foster care and adoption.
  • Youth Development- Getting kids to do well in school and become loving, successful people. For the year 2003, the Freddie Mac Foundation gave $7.7 million to programs that helped young people reach their full potential. The foundation’s funding focused on important areas like academic success, job exploration, and life-skills development. The goal was to help young people grow personally and academically in all areas.

In 2003, the organization gave $25.7 million to the areas it worked with. About 70%, or $17.7 million, in the Washington, D.C., area.

Contact information for Freddie Mac Foundation Grants

There are some ways of contacting you if you want to get in touch with the foundation.

Telephone: (703) 903-2000


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List of Recipients That Received Grants from Freddie Mac Foundation Grants

Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America assists low-income parents in three states and the nation’s capital in developing healthy relationships with their early children and getting them ready for school. Developing Hearts Systems, Inc. received $100,000 as part of this effort in the most recent round of funding.

Latin American Youth Center

Among the other beneficiaries is the Latin American Youth Center, which will utilize the $100,000 to help abused, neglected, or homeless children in the District of Columbia find permanent homes and access support resources. The mission of the Latin American Youth program is to support younger people in building their bright future by giving support in education and giving needy people food and other necessities. Person who is interested can get more details from the page at:

Action Alliance for Virginia’s Children and Youth

With the help of $100,000 from the Freddie Mac Foundation, the Action Alliance for Virginia’s Children and Youth is raising awareness about the problems that disadvantaged families and children in the state face.

The program’s work is Providing inexpensive, accessible early education for economically underprivileged and developmentally disabled children and improving young children’s and parents’ social-emotional and mental health resources. Moreover, the program’s responsibility is to promote equal salaries for early childhood educators. They are not limited to providing early child education to unfortunate families but also support a lot of programs to improve community living such as child welfare, food access and nutrition security, healthcare access, family economic security and mental health. For more information, one can visit the official website of the organization at

Wednesday’s Child

The foundation also helped pay for healing respite care for adopted and foster families in Northern Virginia. They knew how important it was to give these families the tools and support they needed. Wednesday’s Child, a well-known signature program that probably did a lot to bring attention to children in need of loving homes and make adoption easier. This show may have had pictures of kids who are available for adoption, which helped put them in touch with people who wanted to adopt.

If you are interested then you can get more information about the Wednesday’s Child program by Freddie Mac Foundation at:

J.C. Nalle Community School

The National Center for Children and Families has received a $1.1 million grant from Washington, D.C.-based Freddie Mac Foundation to support the JC Nalle Community School’s program expansion. For the adolescents it served, this program was probably crucial in establishing a supportive and stimulating learning environment that encouraged both academic achievement and personal growth.

The money helped NCCF improve its full-service community school’s summer enrichment, Saturday school, extended-day activities, mental health services, and parent university. If you want to know more about this philanthropic step by the Freddie Mac Foundation then must visit the Freddie Mac Foundation website.

Partnerships with groups like the Metropolitan Police Boys & Girls Clubs merger and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Metropolitan allowed the foundation to provide regional support beyond its signature program. Academic enrichment, job exploration, and the acquisition of vital life skills were likely the goals of these collaborations, which sought to provide a unified and improved platform for youth participation and development.

If you want to know more information related to Freddie Mac Foundation Grants, you can visit the website.


Charities like the Freddie Mac Foundation Grants shine a light on the need of providing Americans with safe, affordable, and fair housing options. Family building, adoption, foster care, and youth development are just a few of the many sectors that get large donations from the organization, which goes beyond only housing. The Latin American Youth Center and Healthy Families America are two of the foundation’s prominent grantees, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to making a difference in people’s lives and the community at large. The Freddie Mac Foundation is highly effective in improving the lives of people and families across the country via its targeted grants and strategic collaborations. There are also other grants available such as Humana Foundation Grant, and Nora Roberts Foundation grants waiting for you to open new opportunities. Do not forget to check them out.  For more information related to Foundation grants check our website   that facilitates crucial details.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Freddie Mac Foundation?

The Freddie Mac Foundation has been around since 1970 and is a non-profit group that works to make housing in the United States more stable, affordable, and available. It works independently to support programs promoting stable homes, families, foster care, adoption, and academic success.

How does the Freddie Mac Foundation contribute to housing initiatives?

Through grants, the foundation helps make and keep affordable housing for homeowners and renters, which results in 1.5 million families every year. This means helping people buy their first home and financing multiple apartments for people with low incomes who want to rent.

What are the eligibility criteria for Freddie Mac Foundation Grants?

If you want to get Grants from the Freddie Mac Foundation then your organization must be stable, legally able to work in the relevant areas, able to handle investment-grade loans, and legally formed under federal or state law in order to be eligible.

What are the focus areas of Freddie Mac Foundation Grants?

The foundation’s main goals are to improve families, foster care and adoption, and youth development. It does this by supporting foster children, stopping child abuse, and giving young people more educational options.

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