How To Apply For Novo Foundation Grants

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Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants Application

How to Apply For Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants – New York City-based nonprofit The Novo Foundation supports initiatives that promote a more whole, healing, and interdependent future for all people. This year, the foundation will be awarding about $247,000,000 in awards, however at this time, only those who have been invited can apply. Funding proposals that are not specifically requested will not be considered.

Organizations are required to obtain a direct invitation in order to be considered for sponsorship. Getting the attention of the foundation is no easy feat. To increase the likelihood of getting funding through Novo Foundation Grants, make sure your project is in line with Novo Foundation giving priorities before getting into the proposal-writing process.

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Key Takeaways

  • Supports holistic health, social justice, and economic opportunity.
  • Focuses on women’s empowerment, violence prevention, social-emotional learning, and research & advocacy.
  • Awards range from thousands to millions of dollars.
  • Applications are by invitation only; networking is crucial.

What are Novo Foundation Grants ?

Jennifer Buffett has financially supported Milwaukee community programs since 1997. Eve Ensler’s feminist advocacy group V-Day, which she founded, still has her on its board. In contrast, the anti-capitalist left agrees with composer, television producer, and musician Peter Buffett.

Warren Buffett, who had pledged to donate most of his money, helped found the NoVo Foundation in 2006. Warren Buffett’s $15.97 million Berkshire Hathaway share donation to the NoVo Foundation in 2020 showed his commitment. According to the SEC filing, Warren Buffett gave the NoVo Foundation 300,000 Class B Berkshire Hathaway shares in November 2022. Overall, the NoVo Foundation, Sherwood, Howard G. Buffett, and Susan Thompson Buffett organizations got $750 million in Hathaway shares.

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Focus Area of Novo Foundation Grants

The foundation has set some focus areas to strive in its operation to help the community. These are mentioned below

Economic Empowerment for Women

Programs that try to help women financially, such as those that teach them how to start their own businesses or improve their financial literacy, are known as economic empowerment initiatives.

Violence Prevention

Domestic violence, sexual assault, and community-based violence were among the many types of violence that Violence Prevention Programs sought to address by advocacy, education, and intervention.

Social-Emotional Learning Advancement

Enhancing emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, and conflict resolution abilities are some of the goals of social and emotional learning programs, which target kids in particular.

Research and Advocacy

The pursuit of knowledge via study, the development of new information, and the promotion of policies and practices that foster interconnection and holistic healing in communities and society as a whole.

Qualifications for Novo Foundation Grants

There are no such hard and fast rules to be eligible for grants from the NoVo Foundation. However, some standards can be maintained by grantees if they want to get grants from the foundation. These are mentioned below.

  • Projects should be in line with the purpose of the Novo Foundation, which is to promote visions for mankind that are holistic, healing, and interrelated.
  • Projects that aim to empower women economically, prevent violence, enhance social-emotional development, and conduct research and advocacy are the primary recipients of these grants.
  • The Novo Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited proposals for financing since awards are granted exclusively via invitation.
  • In order to apply for funding, organizations who are not already receiving funds from the Novo Foundation need to grab the attention of someone there.
  • Applicants for grants from the Novo Foundation can use the attached score system to see how well their work fits in with the organization’s overall goals.
  • The Novo Foundation has a history of welcoming new grantees, but those looking to apply for a grant should keep an eye on how many awards are going to new organizations to get a sense of how receptive they are to new collaborations.

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Novo Foundation Past Grant Recipients

NoVo Foundation’s many funding initiatives serve an important role in promoting social justice and progressive transformation. Empowering disadvantaged groups and driving positive social development, the NoVo Foundation’s impactful awards focus on LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, immigrant rights, economic justice, mental health, arts and culture, and education. Some of the foundation’s previous recipients of grants are listed below.

Borealis Philanthropy’s Fund

To promote social justice and progressive change, the NoVo Foundation supports a wide variety of projects through its generous grant programs. Novo foundation grants for LGBTQ+ rights have been essential in providing substantial financing to groups like the Borealis Philanthropy’s Fund for Trans Generations, which received $350,000, while advancing LGBTQ+ rights. Helping transgender activists and groups gain recognition and support is a primary goal of this initiative.

Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)

Partnerships with grassroots organizations like the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) demonstrate NoVo Foundation’s dedication to social justice advocacy. The Electoral Justice Project, which seeks to broaden African-American participation in politics, received a half-million dollar grant from the NoVo Foundation. This money goes toward initiatives that are in line with the M4BL’s platform, which includes cutting military expenditures, divesting from fossil fuels, and making reparations. The NoVo Foundation works for racial fairness and justice by funding initiatives like the Electoral Justice Project, which helps Black communities get their voices heard and their needs met.

Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice

A further indication of the NoVo Foundation’s commitment to immigrant rights is the $107,500 it has given to the Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice. Adhikaar fights to relieve barriers to employment for illegal immigrants and seeks legal status for them. The NoVo Foundation is dedicated to supporting immigrant communities, especially those that encounter prejudice and systematic impediments, and this gift reflects that commitment.


Equality Now is just one of several feminist and pro-abortion groups that have benefited from the $1,450,000 that the NoVo Foundation has donated. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the extension of abortion rights are causes that Equality Now is strongly in favour of. The NoVo Foundation’s support for reproductive rights, gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the promotion of bodily autonomy is evident in this financing.

 National LGBTQ Task Force

Furthermore, the NoVo Foundation’s commitment to fighting for LGBTQ+ social equality and legal safeguards is demonstrated by their $100,000 relationship with the National LGBTQ Task Force. Novo Foundation grants for LGBTQ+ rights are an important way it helps underrepresented groups get their voices heard and their needs met.

Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)

In addition, the Centre for Popular Democracy (CPD) was one of the groups that received a generous $500,000 from the NoVo Foundation, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to economic justice initiatives. The goals of the NoVo Foundation and CPD’s campaign for a fair workweek and higher minimum wages are congruent. The foundation seeks to promote economic empowerment and equitable labour practices. Contributions to groups such as Demos and the Institute for Policy Studies further demonstrate the commitment of the NoVo Foundation to promoting progressive economic policies, such as increasing taxes on the rich and broadening social welfare initiatives.

Social and political unrest

In 2020, the NoVo Foundation shifted its emphasis and distributed $208,363,812. As political and social upheaval grew, NoVo pledged substantial funds to support black girls and young women throughout the world.

Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP)

Grants from the NoVo Foundation are vital in the field of mental health initiatives, since they fund programs like the Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP), which was awarded $300,000. Aiming to address structural flaws within the immigration and law enforcement systems, the Transgender Law Centre formed BLMP to bring attention to the specific struggles encountered by Black LGBTQ migrants. As a result of these mental health initiatives funded by Novo Foundation grants, the NoVo Foundation helps bring attention to and resources for underserved populations’ mental health problems.

Girls Funds partnership

The NoVo Foundation awarded a grand amount of $248,564,745 in 2018 to a wide range of projects and organizations. The Girls Funds collaboration, which sought to promote women’s rights worldwide, was one of these projects. Others included campaigns for youth rights, climate justice, food sovereignty, and the causes favoured by young feminists.

In addition, NoVo introduced The Life Story, Moments of Change, a digital resource focused on survivors’ accounts of sexual exploitation for profit. The foundation also helped fund the publication of Edgar Villanueva’s “Decolonizing Philanthropy,” a critical analysis of the colonial forces at work in the nonprofit sector.

Indigenous-led projects

Supporting Indigenous-led initiatives and regenerative bioregional communities, NoVo distributed $169,364,906 in 2023. The organization looked into the possibility of shifting its emphasis to this field in the future and gave it some thought.

Allied Media Projects (AMP) 

In addition, cultural and artistic initiatives are part of NoVo Foundation’s impact investing activities. As the cooperation with Allied Media Projects (AMP) for the Create, Connect, Transform initiative demonstrates, Arts and culture programs supported by Novo Foundation Grants indeed existed. In a four-year commitment, the NoVo Foundation gave $3,000,000 to AMP to support local organizing in Detroit, which in turn fueled breakthroughs in technology, art, media, and social justice. The NoVo Foundation’s faith in the ability of the arts and culture to effect good social change and strengthen communities is evident in this endeavour.

The Women’s Building development

With a focus on future pledges and ongoing funding for activities across many sectors, the foundation distributed $247,917,093 in 2019. The Women’s Building had to likewise face the tough choice to cease work this year owing to budgetary difficulties. NoVo started looking for methods to be more agile as an organization while still maintaining its vision as it moved to a shared leadership structure. Responding to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021, NoVo provided $233,553,342 to finance equitable design principles in educational districts and help Indigenous communities. As a result of the development freeze at The Women’s Building, the foundation has pledged $50 million to help the women affected.

Advancing Adolescent Girls Fund

Among the many programs that the foundation continued to fund in 2022 with a disbursement of $195,124,661 was the Advancing Adolescent Girls Fund. Land and water access, food security, and Indigenous-led climate solutions were among the community-identified objectives that NoVo heightened its support for through its Indigenous partner grants.

Know Your Title IX

A Novo Foundation grant for racial equity in education designation describes the NoVo Foundation’s efforts in the area of racial equity. By funding programs like Know Your Title IX, which promotes progressive educational practices, the NoVo Foundation demonstrates its dedication to education. One of the NoVo Foundation’s core principles is the promotion of safe and welcoming learning environments for all students, and the $25,000 award that Know Your Title IX has received reflects this commitment. The program aims to combat sexual assault and other forms of campus violence.

If you wish to know more grantees of the NoVo foundation, you can visit the official website of the foundation at:

How to Apply for Novo Foundation Grants ?

If you wish to get grants from the Novo Foundation, you need to follow some crucial steps. Below are five important steps that can take you to get the grants successfully

Learn About the Mission’s Harmony

The Novo Foundation has a specific goal and set of goals; before applying, make sure your project fits in with those. Initiatives should align with the foundation’s mission to advance human connection and holistic health.

Connect with Others and Build Your Network

Establishing rapport with Novo Foundation associates is crucial as donations are given only upon invitation. To improve your chances of getting an application invitation, network with important foundation officials and previous grantees to learn about the organization’s financing objectives.

Showcase the Influence and Harmony

Provide a detailed explanation of how your initiative aligns with the Novo Foundation’s priorities, highlighting its ability to effect good social change and tackle the underlying causes of societal problems. Emphasizing congruence with initiatives aimed at empowering women economically, preventing violence, promoting social-emotional development, or engaged in research and advocacy is of utmost importance.

Get Ready for an In-Depth Evaluation

Carefully consider the application’s requirements and deadline before submitting a proposal that demonstrates your project’s relevance, practicability, and long-term viability. Include a detailed strategy for execution, assessment, and effect evaluation in addition to proof of previous accomplishments and quantifiable results.

Keep an Eye on Things and Participate

If you’re interested in the Novo Foundation’s grantmaking patterns, you should know that a large portion of their grants go to new organizations. Show your unwavering support for the foundation’s work by participating in all of its events, programs, and publications.

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Novo Foundation Grant Deadline 

The deadline for the Novo Nordisk Foundation grant depends on the specific grant you are interested in. There are currently two open calls with approaching deadlines

  • Distinguished Innovator Grant: The deadline for this grant has already passed. It closed on March 13th, 2024.
  • Humanitarian Response Grant: This grant closes on April 18th, 2024 at 2:00 pm CET (Central European Time).

Contact information for Novo Foundation 

Here are a few means of getting in touch with the Novo Foundation

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States



Novo Foundation Grants are a terrific opportunity for groups that promote holistic health and interdependence. Novo Foundation Grants encourage gender equality in the workplace, violence prevention, social and emotional development, research, and activism to achieve good social change. The foundation supports economic development, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights via strategic collaborations and large investment. This is the only option for groups to apply for funds, but they can boost their chances by aligning with the Novo Foundation’s aims and creating partnerships with its network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are individuals eligible for Novo foundation grants?

No, Novo Foundation donations mostly go to organizations. Direct foundation funds are not available to individuals.

Can a non-profit outside the US apply for Novo grants?

Yes, Non-profit groups in the US and abroad can apply for Novo Foundation funding if their initiatives fulfill the foundation’s objective and emphasis areas.

Does the Novo Foundation require matching funds for grants?

Grants from Novo Foundation do not require matching funds. However, financial sustainability and resource leveraging may improve a grant request and raise its chances of approval.

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