How To Apply For Skillman Foundation Grants For Nonprofits Youth Programs

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Skillman Foundation Grants For Nonprofits Youth Programs

How To Get Grants from Skillman Foundation Grants – The Skillman Foundation helps Detroiters by co-designing methods with youngsters to change education, economy, and equity. The organization gives Detroit’s kids large funding to empower them for ambitious futures and remove barriers to involvement. Detroit’s vitality depends on Skillman Foundation Grants’ education, economics, and equity focus. The foundation’s focus on meaningful learning experiences, attendance, and academic achievement meets Detroit kids’ basic requirements.

Youth employment, post-secondary education, and financial empowerment help establish a robust and flexible local economy. The foundation’s pursuit of equity, reducing barriers, and fostering inclusivity helps revitalize Detroit by providing all children with quality education, opportunities, and a supportive community, shaping a more just and thriving future for the city.

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Key Takeaways

  • Skillman Foundation grants co-designed with Detroit youth address education, economy, and equity.
  • Grants support youth development, educational equity, and economic opportunity.
  • Funding available for 501(c)(3) nonprofits and government entities.
  • Applicants must demonstrate racial equity and inclusive practices.

What are Skillman Foundation Grants?

The transformative Skillman Foundation Grants include Detroit students and activists co-designing a strategy. By strengthening Detroit’s youth’s brains and strength, the organization helps individuals change education. Goals include helping Detroit students create ambitious futures and co-create new possibilities inspired by youth will. Skillman Foundation

Grants promotes youth-driven dreams and collaborative design of new possibilities with Detroit kids based on core ideas. The organization tirelessly fights for racial equality in present systems for Black, Brown, and other people of color. Accountability highlights the foundation’s daily collaboration to shape Detroit’s future. “Greater Than Grants.” is the Skillman Foundation Grants mantra.

The use of financial, reputational, and relational resources must be ethical and fair. The foundation learns from Detroit kids and community successes and failures to enhance the organization and its communities. The foundation’s social media updates and engagement demonstrate its transparency and community involvement.

The Skillman Foundation was founded by Rose Skillman in 1960. Detroit teenagers and their advocates work to change the school system to match their needs and goals. Over $750 million has been donated by the Foundation. This grant has advocated for K-12 education, afterschool programs, child-centered neighborhoods, youth and community leadership, and racial fairness and justice.

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Focus Area of Skillman Foundation Grants

There are some core areas where the Skillman Foundation Grants focus.


In education, the foundation provides Detroit students with relevant learning experiences inside and beyond the classroom. Their method involves raising community awareness of student attendance, helping schools minimize chronic absenteeism, improving academic performance, particularly third-grade reading, and recruiting teachers. They strive to deliver actionable data, promote instructor development and retention, and involve families and communities by improving all Detroit schools.


By training and connecting Detroit kids to employment possibilities, the foundation supports the changing economy. This includes linking kids to post-secondary education and professional possibilities, youth employment initiatives, financial empowerment, and youth entrepreneurship.


In pursuit of equity, the Skillman Foundation reduces barriers and increases possibilities for Detroit kids to participate in its revival. This entails improving out-of-school programs, addressing exclusionary discipline, promoting juvenile violence interventions, and increasing restorative practices in schools and law enforcement. Three pillars of the Skillman Foundation seek to create a more fair future for Detroit’s youngsters.

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Eligibility for Skillman Foundation Grants

If you are interested in applying for a grant from the Skillman Foundation, then here are some criteria you must possess.

  • Either you must be a government or public entity (e.g., a city, county, state, or public school system) or a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and submit your tax ID (EIN) number.
  • Qualify as an exempt organization under Section 509(a) of the IRS Code.
  • Possess recent financial audit results issued by an independent certified public accountant and has annual sales of $100,000 or more from the previous fiscal year.
  • Make an effort to include people of different ages, races, creeds, genders, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities in all aspects of policy and practice.

Skillman Foundation Grants are not applicable for 

  • Institutions that operate for financial gain
  • Fundraising efforts, capital expenditures (such as new construction, remodeling, or equipment), capital endowments
  • Political campaigns, to promote political activity or to push for or against articles of legislation

Application Process of Skillman Foundation Grants

Reaching out to a program team member is the first step for anybody seeking a grant. If you visit, you can find out about the program’s officers and the areas where they are involved. You can start the grant application process by submitting a pre-application. They will examine it within 15 business days. The staff will ask the grant applicant to submit a longer application if they feel it is necessary.

All year long, the Skillman Foundation looks over grant applications. In March, June, September, and December, the Foundation’s board meets to approve grants. About two to three months pass between the initial investigation and the final approval.

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Skillman Foundation Grants Grantees 

Here are some grantees of the Skillman Foundation you can be aware of.

Metro Solutions, Inc

The Skillman Foundation has awarded Metro Solutions, Inc. $10,000. With the help of this funding, Hope for Flowers will be able to continue its Art Enrichment Program. This program is a part of their K-7 curriculum that aims to encourage sustainability and cross-curricular learning among Detroit’s elementary and middle school children by integrating art with environmental education.

Faith in Girls

Faith in Girls has been granted $10,000 by the Skillman Foundation. With the help of this funding, Faith In Girls’ Home Ownership Detroit will be able to continue its mission of providing parents in the Detroit area with a thorough financial literacy education.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Center for Effective Philanthropy has received $50,000 from the Skillman Foundation. Using Data and Insight to Enhance Philanthropic Performance: The nonprofit organization CEP’s mission is to help funders do a better job of their work via the creation of data and insights. Philanthropic funders may better define, evaluate, and enhance their efficacy and, consequently, their intended impact, thanks to the data and insights provided by CEP.

Give Merit, Inc

Presented to Give Merit, Inc. by the Skillman Foundation is the sum of $214,200. As a vital part of Detroit’s youth-serving ecosystem during non-school hours, this grant will offer general operational support to Give Merit, Inc. Children and youth in Detroit will be included in high-quality after-school programs run by Give Merit, Inc., where they will get assistance in developing the social, emotional, academic, and post-secondary skills necessary for success in life.

Art Creates Us Inc D/B/A ProjectArt

A Division of Art Creates Us, Inc. A grant of $55,000 has been granted to Art Creates Us Inc. D/B/A ProjectArt by the ProjectArt Skillman Foundation. With the help of this grant, ProjectArt, an after-school art education and artist registry program that collaborates with public libraries across the country, will be able to expand its programming to the Edison Library Branch in the Cody neighborhood of Detroit, one of the city’s seven districts, eventually reaching its goal of creating a citywide impact. Part of the money will also go toward ProjectArt’s efforts to improve its user-friendly business software. This will help families and kids all around Detroit have easier access to cultural and artistic events close to home.

NW Goldberg Cares

Northwest Goldberg Cares has received a grant of $20,000 from the Skillman Foundation. With the help of this grant, HolidayFest will be able to host a variety of events celebrating different winter holidays. Among these are the second annual NW Goldberg Holiday Market, where young entrepreneurs can set up shop, as well as free food trucks, arts and crafts for young children, live music, and more.

Hope Circles 

Hope Circles got a $10,000 amount of grant from The Skillman Foundation in 2023. With the help of this funding, Hope Circles will be able to expand its activities to 1,200 students at Renaissance High School, a much larger student body. It is the goal of Hopes Circles to better prepare Black high school graduates for college and to improve the number of Black students who enroll in and succeed at top-tier postsecondary institutions.

Warren Conner Development Coalition DBA Eastside Community Network

Warren Conner Development Coalition DBA Eastside Community Network will use the $1,100 grant from the Skillman Foundation to host the “Eastside Extravaganza” on September 30, 2018, in celebration of the neighborhood’s 30th anniversary.

Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, Inc.

Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund, Inc. received a $100,000 amount of grant from the Skillman Foundation. Moreover, the organization will receive a final year of funding to integrate financial education and counseling, banking access, and savings services into Detroit’s largest youth employment program, Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT), and DESC’s year-round youth services. The Detroit Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) and Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency are also involved.


The 482Forward Skillman Foundation has generously donated $10,000 to the organization. 482Forward will be able to go forward with initiatives centered on educational storytelling thanks to the funds provided by this award. This award will allow them to participate in a Systems Storytelling Fellowship with the Skillman Foundation.

Downtown Detroit Partnership, Inc

The Skillman Foundation has awarded $25,000 to the Downtown Detroit Partnership, Inc. With the goal of helping close the reading gap and promoting healthy lifestyles via sports for youngsters in Detroit, especially young girls, this award will fund the Sustainable Legacy Impact program’s Education and Youngsters Sports component.

Community Partners

The Skillman Foundation has awarded Community Partners $30,000. A self-managed peer network and learning group of evaluation directors from forty U.S. foundations, the Evaluation Directors Group will receive project assistance from this funding.

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Contact Details of Skillman Foundation

Here are some means of getting in touch with the Skillman Foundation

Physical Address: 100 Talon Centre Dr., Suite 100, Detroit, Michigan 48207


Phone: 313.393.1185

If you have any inquiries, there is a contact form you can fill out available at


The Skillman Foundation Grants influence Detroit’s change by co-designing methods with youngsters. Skillman Foundation Grants are a force for good in Detroit, influencing education, community development, and people’s quality of life in general via advocating openness, transparency, and community engagement. Young-driven, racially fair, and accountable grants aim to level the playing field. To ensure diversity, qualifying requirements promote inclusiveness. Application fosters collaboration with program officers. Recipients demonstrate the foundation’s effect on art, education, financial literacy, and community festivities. As Skillman Foundation Grants grow, their openness and community participation shape a more egalitarian and dynamic future for Detroit’s youngsters. If you are interested to know about more foundation grants, you can check our website 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Skillman Foundation Grants?

Skillman Foundation Grants alter education, economics, and equity by including Detroit students and activists in co-designing ideas. These awards finance Detroit kids, encourage ambitious futures, and remove obstacles to involvement, boosting the city’s vibrancy.

How does the Skillman Foundation impact Detroit?

The Skillman Foundation co-designs education, economics, and equity techniques with youth to improve Detroit. The foundation’s focus on relevant learning, young employment, and decreasing obstacles matches Detroit’s needs, creating a more equitable and prosperous future.

What are Skillman Foundation Grants’ main priorities?

Skillman Foundation Grants prioritize three areas: Education, economy, and equity: providing relevant learning experiences, addressing attendance issues, and improving academic performance; supporting youth training, connecting to employment, and promoting financial empowerment; and reducing barriers and fostering inclusivity for Detroit youth to participate in the city’s revival through improved out-of-school programs and restorative practices

What are the eligibility criteria for Skillman Foundation Grants?

Skillman Foundation Grants are available to government or public entities (e.g., city, county, state, or public education system) or nonprofit 501(c)(3) groups. They must file an EIN, be exempt under IRS Section 509(a), and have current financial audit findings from an independent CPA. The organization should also have $100,000 in sales from the preceding fiscal year and include different viewpoints in policy and practice.

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