Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

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Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

Infinite Hero Foundation Grants – Some heroes never get to see their families again because they gave their lives to protect our freedoms. A lot more make it back, but they are hurt physically and mentally. Taking inspiration from this though, the Infinite Hero Foundation Grants promises those who have risked their lives that they will show their appreciation for their bravery and sacrifice by giving the heroes support. The foundation works with groups that share their values to make sure that troops and their families can get new healing programs that are made to fit their needs. To know more about such foundation grants, do visit 

What are Infinite Hero Foundation Grants ?

The Infinite Hero Foundation’s job is to connect the military, soldiers, and military family members with new and effective ways to treat injuries they get while serving. Since its start in 2012, the Infinite Hero Foundation has given more than $5.1 million in grants and other support to 44 different military service organizations that offer new and successful programs or treatments for mental and physical damage caused by service. 

Colin Baden used Oakley’s military business to make friends with top operators who returned home with mental, physical, or emotional scars as President and CEO. He thought these high-character servant leaders needed better reintegration and rehabilitation strategies.

Besides the president and CEO of the Infinite Hero Foundation Grants there are some other crucial members in the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of IHF such as Erick Poston, the Vice President, Kevin Collins, the Treasurer, Cole Morgan, the secretary,  Colonel Robert J. Coates, Philip J. Rizzo, Jackie Ferrari, Tom Davin, Lewis Runnion, and Don Schumacher the directors; and Courtney Janes, the Executive Directors. 

For more information, you can visit the official website of the Foundation at: 

Eligibility for Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

To receive an Infinite Hero Foundation Grant, organizations must satisfy these criteria:

  • Support the Infinite Hero Foundation’s mission and goals by developing or using modern technologies, methods, practices, or products to help military heroes and their families overcome mental and physical challenges. 
  • Be an IRS-recognized public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Applicant may not know that IRS action has canceled, changed, suspended, or replaced its determination letter.
  • Be credible, honest, and fiscally responsible.
  • Serve veterans, active duty, and military families.
  • Must fit one of the five areas Infinite Hero invests in Physical Recovery, Brain Health (TBI/PTS), Suicide Prevention, Veteran Leadership, and Military Families.
  • Give veterans and active duty military personnel free mental and physical healing programs from war injuries.
  • Show defined program goals and an assessment strategy that assesses qualitative and quantitative outcomes.
  • Agree to provide an Interim Report six months after the group receives the cash and a Final Report two years later, whichever comes first. 

There are also some areas of exclusion from the Infinite Hero Foundation grant. If you are looking for more information about eligibility, you need to check the website at: 

Application Process of Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

After getting aware of the eligibility guidelines, you have to go through with the process of submitting a letter of Interest that is LOI. It is a kind of Form applicants need to fill out before the deadline for the foundation’s grant applications. 

  • Infinite Hero will accept Letters of Interest from qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations from January 1 to June 15 for the next funding season.
  • Your Organization will learn if their program is going ahead in the funding process by August 15. Then your organization will be asked to submit a formal grant application and will get a link via the Common Grant Application.
  • Grant applications are due September 15th and are non-refundable.

After receiving a properly completed grant agreement, the Infinite Hero Board of Directors will decide grant application results and give funding to those organizations. Funding and grant notifications will arrive before the year end. For more details, click the 

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Grantee of Infinite Hero Foundation Grants 


By providing resources to veterans and their families, the Travis Manion Foundation helps shape the moral fiber of the next generation. The mission of the Travis Manion Foundation, in collaboration with the Infinite Hero Foundation, is to empower and connect communities through the education, empowerment, and recognition of their veteran leaders. With the help of a $50,000 grant from the Infinite Hero Foundation, TMF’s Spartan Leadership Program runs for seven months, allowing veterans around the country to find their passions while also making a difference in their communities.


A $100,000 gift from the Infinite Hero Foundation will help Children’s Hospital Los Angeles do exciting new work. The most common way to treat PTSD is exposure therapy, which involves facing painful events directly. When someone has PTSD from war, exposure treatment is very unpleasant because it forces them to face up to very upsetting memories. Because of this, most soldiers who have been scarred drop out of treatment or don’t go at all. Very Brief Exposure is a new treatment that CHLA has come up with that lowers fear symptoms and bodily arousal without making patients feel bad.

If you want to know more details about the critical task of CHLA to humanity you can visit 

Military Mobility

The work of Military Mobility is to address depression, PTSD, suicide, and the difficulties associated with physical injury. With a partnership with Military Mobility, Infinite Hero is pleased to provide $30,000 to support a course of 5 days that helps handicapped veterans adjust to civilian life and improves their quality of life. 

Military Mobility employs the rough terrain as a platform for both personal and professional difficulties, utilizing an array of off-road 4×4 vehicles specially designed to help people with disabilities to overcome barriers.

The initiative consists of role assignments, team-building activities, conversations, physical training, trail resilience, and leadership exercises in the classroom. Courses cover decision-making, professional growth, risk management, time management, and health and wellbeing.

Veterans Path

Infinite Hero Foundation Grants is happy to offer Veterans PATH $100,000 to continue their vital and creative work. Meditation training has helped veterans find Peace, Acceptance, Transformation, and Honor (PATH) and a fresh sense of purpose and camaraderie. Their relationship with VETS (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions) puts them at the forefront of novel PTSD and TBI treatments: meditation integration for VETS grantees sponsored for psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

Current results reveal that veterans’ PATH meditation instruction is ideal for integrating psychedelic ideas. Veterans created the PATH AMP meditation program, which combines traditional meditation, military high-performance teaching methodology, and top sports training program design. Fighter pilots, special operators, helicopter pilots, Olympic and other world-class athletes, elite firefighting and law enforcement teams, and others have received AMP.


Getting enough sleep is very important for health. There are a lot of veterans and current military members who have trouble sleeping because of trauma-related brain illnesses like PTSD, TBI, and suicidality. Insomnia can lower your quality of life, make you less productive, and more. Infinite Hero Foundation Grants is giving CVB $50,000 to test out a new automated at-home platform with digital sleep-tracking sensors. 

This platform will help researchers objectively and accurately measure how treatments like medications and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia affect Veterans with trauma-related insomnia’s quality of sleep. Through at-home tracking, the study’s goal is to get data more often, more consistently, and more naturally, and to make the data easy for both the doctor and the patient to access and understand. 

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

As part of our grant program for 2021, Infinite Hero is pleased to give $75,000 to specific cognitive therapy for veterans: Customizing Type of Brain Modulation by Personal Profiles of Cognitive Functioning. This pilot study looks at how brain modulation can help Warriors with cognitive problems caused by traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

It focuses on how much modulation each person needs in order to improve their function and well-being in daily life. According to patterns of fairly and slightly severe cognitive impairments, the need for more brain modulation, and choosing which parts of the brain to modulate, tailoring is defined as sufficient. 


The suicide rate among Montana’s veterans is among the highest in the country, and it’s 10% higher than the national average when it comes to weapons. In a joint effort with FORGE, Infinite Hero is pleased to have contributed $50,000 to the Montana Overwatch Project. The Montana Overwatch Project aims to reduce veteran and service member suicide rates significantly and sustainably by a transformative shift in norms. 

With the help of Montana’s preexisting institutional, community, and leadership networks, the Montana Overwatch Project aims to conduct extensive training, strengthen capacity, and engage the community in order to dispel myths and encourage the broad implementation of a tried-and-true strategy for preventing veteran and service member suicide. Training in peer intervention and instruction on evidence-based standards on suicide and firearms will be our primary focuses.

American Military Family

Suicidal US Military veterans receive emotional, physical, and mental help from American Military Family. The Infinite Hero Foundation funds the preemptive veteran suicide prevention program AMF GY6. Helping and supporting veterans in distress saves lives. 

The AMF GY6 team instantly deploys “Boots on the Ground” with their Quick Reaction Force squad of Suicide Prevention Certified Combat veterans to find the individual and avoid catastrophe after receiving the urgent contact. Through this program’s “pay it forward” method, struggling veterans recover and find purpose. The Infinite Hero Foundation is thrilled to have granted $25,000 in 2019 and 2021 to these amazing suicide prevention programs.

Boot Campaign

The Boot Campaign’s Health & Wellness program helps soldiers and military families get care for themselves. IHF gave the program a total of $200,000 in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, they gave another $50,000 to a part of the pipeline that tries to improve diet, pain, and sleep. In 2019, Infinite Hero continued to support Boot Campaign’s Health and Wellness program with a grant of $50,000 to help with a new part of care that aimed to lower stress and boost resilience.

Airpower Foundation

The Fort Worth Airpower Council, and this is the oldest military support group in the country, started the Airpower Foundation as a national non-profit to help families of active duty, reserve, and National Guard members. Along with projects for troops and children who have lost a parent in the war, the Foundation also helps projects for wounded soldiers and children. The foundation regularly gets grants from the Infinite Hero Foundation. IHF gave in 2013, $100,00, in 2014, $200,00, in 2115, $200,000, in 2016, 216,000, in 2017, $60,00 and in 2018, $100,000. 

All Eagles Oscar

The Brain Treatment Center (BTC) in Newport Beach and San Diego, California, as well as physical rehabilitation via Virginia High Performance, were among the several facilities that won $50,000 from All Eagles Oscar in 2017 to support brain treatment research and rehabilitation initiatives. The 2019 financing round for All Eagles Oscar’s BTC, which aims to deliver revolutionary therapy (MeRT) for a range of neurological illnesses, included an extra $100,000.


Using the $30,000 they got from the IHF, Brain Education Strategies and Technology, Inc. (BEST) created an online program to aid military personnel and veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) cognitive impairments by incorporating certain applications into their everyday lives.

Infinite Hero Foundation Grants Programs


Good Ride proudly offered the inaugural VETERAN & MILITARY ONLY RIDE on October 28th. Few tickets were offered to the public. Only 20 tickets allowed $200 per rider without passenger expenses. Carey Hart and Big B will lead this fun veteran social ride. The program’s great friends at Wienerschnitzel offered lunch and other fantastic giveaways for all riders on the poker run from Indian Motorcycle in Westminster to Oakley in Foothill Ranch.


Over the Veterans Day weekend, the NHRA is showing appreciation for the service of the country’s troops and veterans by giving them and their families FREE passes. The events began on November 11 and finished on November 12. 

Contact Information for Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

Address: 22365 EL Toro Rd, #275 Lake Forest, CA 92630

Email id: [email protected]

Telephone number: (949) 829-6446


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As a way to show appreciation for the efforts made in defense of freedom, the Infinite Hero Foundation Grants shine a light of support on military heroes and their families. Since its start in 2012, the foundation has given more than $5.1 million to 44 different military service organizations. This has helped them come up with new ways to help soldiers with their physical and mental health problems. By meeting the eligibility criteria, you can also apply for grants for your organization from the Infinite Hero Foundation Grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Infinite Hero Foundation Grants?

Infinite Hero Foundation Grants give money to military service groups that are working on new programs and treatments to help soldiers with their physical and mental health problems.

How can I get Grants from the Infinite Hero Foundation Grants for my organization?

To apply for grants, you must meet eligibility criteria showing that your organization is serving veterans for their contribution to the nation and then follow the application process which entails submitting a Letter of Interest. 

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