Lanl Foundation Scholarships and Grants

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Lanl Foundation Scholarships and Grants

Everything about LANL Foundation Scholarships and Grants – For society to advance, it is essential to support education. It stimulates economic progress, empowers individuals, and fosters competent communities. A better future for all of us depends on educated minds that are able to think creatively and critically. Through its many initiatives, the LANL Foundation Grants continues to support causes that advance social and racial fairness. The foundation’s objective is to ensure that every New Mexican has the tools and self-assurance to become economically independent and lifelong learners. They do this via a variety of programs that target the varied populations in Northern New Mexico. To know more about other foundation grants, do visit to check out many other resources.

What are the Lanl Foundation Grants ?

Founded in 1997 with a strong commitment to Northern New Mexico, the LANL Foundation Grants works to provide grants to organizations that deliver educational opportunities for families, children, and adolescents in the region. In order to solve the educational problems that plague the communities, the foundation builds partnerships with individuals, groups, and institutions that really make a difference.

The goal of the Lanl Foundation Grants is to promote and support high-quality education in Northern New Mexico via collaborative efforts, new initiatives, and advocacy. A self-sufficient, engaged, and lifelong learning population is the goal of the Lanl Foundation Grants program in New Mexico. There are also other grants like Tyler Perry Foundation Grants and Coleman Foundation Grants that offer help to several individuals and families.

Whom does the Lanl foundation serve?

The LANL Foundation is a local non-profit that works to improve the lives and business possibilities of people who live in 18 Native American tribal nations and seven Northern New Mexico counties that are along the North Central Rio Grande River corridor.

From its home base in Espanola, New Mexico, the foundation helps babies and their families, children of all ages at many different schools, and adults who want to learn in Rio Arriba, Los Alamos, Mora, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos counties. The foundation also helps community leaders and teachers by working with them to create new lessons, social programs, and services that create chances for people and towns in Northern New Mexico to meet their specific needs.

The LANL Foundation wants to do more for the whole state because it has been successful at getting everyone to the table and speaking up for many. The foundation can have an even bigger effect on making our state better this way.

For more information, you can check the official website of the foundation at:

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Types of Lanl Foundation Grants

There are mainly two types of Lanl Foundation Grants

Competitive Grants By Lanl Foundation

The LANL Foundation provides competitive grants to schools, school districts, non-profits, Pueblos, Nations, and indigenous communities in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Taos counties. Our competitive awards fund innovative community and school-based programming, collaboration, and lifetime learning advocacy.

Under Competitive Grants there are two subdivision that is

Community Outreach Grants

Community Outreach Grants provide education about Northern New Mexico’s communities, families, languages, and customs. The 2024 LANL Foundation Community Outreach Grant begins on January 15, providing $80,000 for Northern New Mexico community projects. The charity will give 16 $5,000 awards over two years. 501(c)3 organizations, government or quasi-government institutions, pueblos, tribes, nations, and schools and colleges are qualified. These funding are not available to religious groups, assuring community-driven initiatives.

If you are looking for a grant from the Community Outreach Grants of Lanl Foundation, then must not miss some important dates. For more information about those date click on the

Education Enrichment Grants

Education Enrichment Grants are the LANL Foundation’s main funding source. These multi-year scholarships, which require public school district collaborations, concentrate on Tribal, school, and community initiatives to promote learning for all youth. The LANL Foundation gave 28 awards in Northern New Mexico for $1.4 million in 2023.  Current grant amounts are $50,000, distributed evenly between two years at $25,000 each. The recipients have two years to spend the funds. This includes K-12 public and charter schools, 501(c)(3) organizations, state and municipal agencies, and private schools that cooperate with qualified organizations.

The LANL Foundation promotes tribal and rural communities, domestic and regional organizations and initiatives, and culturally and linguistically sustaining institutions in all grantmaking. The foundation prioritizes student and community capacity-building, effectiveness, and resilience to adapt to the changing New Mexico environment. In line with the science of learning and development, the LANL Foundation actively pursues collaborative projects to improve community capacity, enhance networks, and foster communities of practice.

For more information on Education Enrichment Grants, you can visit the official page of the foundation at:

Invitational Grants

Invitational Grants allow LANL Foundation to strategically engage with schools, organizations, and tribal communities to develop new programming, prototype initiatives, and support needs not covered by Competitive Grants. Rural broadband, immigrant law, work-based learning, career pathway support, and others are examples.

Eligibility of Lanl Foundation Grants

  • Educational institutions in New Mexico, nonprofits, government agencies, and Pueblo/Tribal communities in the counties of Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos are all eligible to apply for the LANL Foundation’s Outreach Grants.
  • Another important thing is to keep in mind the deadline for the application form. Candidates must not miss out on the application form’s deadline.

Application Procedure for Lanl Foundation Grants

  • After checking the eligibility, you can find grant categories. The Education Enrichment Grants (50,000 over two years) and the Community Outreach Grants (5,000 each)
  • These categories have further eligibility criteria that must be met by you in order to get grants from the Lanl Foundation.
  • You need to fill out some information asked by the Lanl Foundation on the application portal
  • After submitting the information you have to wait for the foundation’s reply
  • If you got selected, you will be granted the requested grants.

For more information, you can visit the official website prested at: 

Lanl Foundation Grants’ Programs

There are a number of Lanl Foundation Grant Programs that have been listed below:


The goal of the K-12 Program of the Lanl Foundation is to build education ecosystems where both children and teachers may succeed by supporting and enhancing educational leaders and teachers via innovative, high-quality, and inquiry-based programming. Educator Recruitment and Retention, Professional Development for Teachers, and Supporting School Leaders and Districts are the three overarching goals of the foundation.

K-6 schools in Northern New Mexico have access to resources and professional development opportunities through the Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC), the flagship K-12 initiative of the Lanl Foundation. ISC teaches students about the physical and earth sciences through inquiry-based learning.

There are some priority areas of the K12 program. It includes Supporting Teachers with Professional Development, Supporting School & District Leaders, For the Students, and Recruiting and Retaining Educators. All the initiatives under K-12 programs play vital roles in promoting the educational arena. The advantages of each initiative are provided on the website: that should not be missed by you if you are interested in knowing the details.

Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC)

A premier initiative of the LANL Foundation, the Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) fosters greatness in public education. Our STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program has been serving kids in Northern New Mexico from kindergarten through sixth grade since 2010. New Mexico’s ISEC program helped get the state’s science standards, NM Stem Ready!, in line with the Next Generation Science Standards early on. Earth and physical science courses are the main emphasis.

Northern New Mexico needs more equitable access to high-quality STEM education, and the Lanl Foundation is working to make that happen. According to studies and real-world experiences, if the foundation wants to make a difference in education, they need to put their students in the driver’s seat of their learning and encourage them to think critically on their own.

Early Childhood

The Culturally Respectful Early Childhood Program at the LANL Foundation strengthens children, families, and communities. Family support services like home visitation enable prenatal to five-year-olds and their families to raise healthy, happy, and flourishing children. Strong ties and alliances are crucial in this essential activity, which emphasizes advocacy, cooperation, and education.

The Early Childhood Program has established four programs in Northern New Mexico that stress cooperation, advocacy, and education to address the importance of the first three years of a child’s life and brain development that affects them for life.

College, Career & Community Pathways (C3P)

The Lanl Foundation makes job paths and methods for developing the workforce more fair and easy to use. New Mexico has the most “Opportunity Youth” (people who are neither in school nor working) of any state in the country.

C3P thinks it is very important to give more and better access to college, job, and community pathway options for young people in Northern New Mexico, especially those of color, from low-income families, and young parents.

The focus areas of the C3P are to Expand Opportunities for Underrepresented Youth, improve career Technical Education Opportunities, Build a Work-Based Learning Ecosystem, Strengthen Native American Workforce Development, and Transform New Mexico’s High Schools.

If you want to know more crucial details on the focus area of the C3P program, you can read them on the page:

Scholarships of Lanl Foundation 

Since 1999, the LANL Foundation and Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee have promoted higher education and brighter futures. The organization has given over 2000 scholarships totaling over $10 million to Northern New Mexico students and adults. LANL Scholars value academics, leadership, and service.

Four-Year Undergraduate Scholarships

The LANL Foundation Grants offers four-year undergraduate scholarships to students in any discipline. You may qualify for a scholarship if you’re studying STEM, health care, education, business, or the humanities. Program qualifying requirements are as follows:

  • In Northern New Mexico, you must live in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, or Taos counties. You must attend a residential school in one of the seven counties such as Santa Fe Indian School, NM School for the Deaf, and NM School for the Arts.
  • There is a requirement of a minimum 3.25 cumulative unweighted GPA.
  • You must attend an accredited four-year college or university.

Undergraduate scholarships that cover four years might be anything from $1,000 for one year to $20,000 for all four years. Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a satisfactory academic standing, fulfilling the enrollment criteria, and meeting the minimum GPA.

If you are looking for more information to get a scholarship from Four-Year Undergraduate Scholarships, you can visit the

Career Pathways Scholarships

Career Pathways Scholarships are for students who want an associate’s degree or certification in any profession or craft and have a career in mind. High school graduates and adult learners with a GED/HSE can apply for these scholarships. Career Pathways Scholarships are $750 per semester, up to $3,000. Maintaining academic standing and progressing toward completion is required for renewal.

Eligibility can be decided by the following means collectively if:

  • You are pursuing a two-year degree or certificate.
  • At the time of application, you live in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, or Taos for 366 days or more.
  • You hold a high school diploma or GED, are a senior in the last semester, or are nearing completion of a GED/HSE program.

Those who meet the eligibility criteria, can be involved in the application process, detailed in  The Infinite Hero Foundation Grant Program is also available for military, soldiers, and their family members.

Contact Details of Lanl Foundation

There are some information on the way of getting in touch with the Lanl Foundation

Location of the office:1112 Plaza del Norte, Española, NM 87532

Telephone number:(505) 753-8890

Fax number: (505) 753-8915


Bottom Line

With a focus on education, equity, and community development, the LANL Foundation Grants is a driving force for change in Northern New Mexico. The foundation’s many grants, scholarships, and programs help people and communities thrive by providing opportunities for education, employment, and social inclusion. The LANL Foundation is a driving force for good in the lives of people all around the area because of its dedication to meeting unique regional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lanl foundation grants?

Lanl Foundation grants aim to provide financial help to organizations and programs to advance education in Northern New Mexico by providing financial support, innovative programming, and community collaboration.

What is the primary goal of the LANL Foundation Grants?

The LANL Foundation Grants primary goal is to support and promote high-quality education in Northern New Mexico by working together, starting new projects, and speaking out.

Who is eligible to apply for the LANL Foundation’s Community Outreach Grants?

Nonprofits, government organizations, and Pueblo/Tribal towns in the counties of Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos can apply for the LANL Foundation’s Community Outreach Grants.

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