Mars Foundation Grants and Scholarships

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Mars Foundation Grants and Scholarships

How To Get Mars Foundation Grants and Scholarships – Emergency funds are very important for groups to quickly meet the needs of the community. These funds make it possible to respond quickly to emergencies and provide instant help for basic needs. They are very important for making groups strong and for making the world a better place by helping people when it matters most. Thanks to Mars Foundation Grants, which are recognized as a boon to many organizations that are responsible for providing emergency and basic facilities to unfortunate people in terms of education, disaster relief, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

There are some grants available for the organization that serves the military and soldiers of the country. If your organization is one of them then check your eligibility for Infinite Hero Foundation Grants  

What is the Mars Foundation Grant?

The Mars Foundation is a charity based in Monsey, New York, with a total value of $2,693,462. It has donated a large amount of money, $867,298 in total, because it wants to make a positive change. The foundation has some key people as President Aryeh Goldstein, and Trustees Sarah Goldstein, and Yisroel Goldstein who have a lot of control over the charity work of the organization.

There are a lot of different causes that the Mars Foundation Grants have given money to. The average grant amount is $86,729, and the median grant amount is $22,500. The foundation has always given money to a lot of different projects over years. These include projects that help with education, healthcare, and community projects.

Eligibility of Mars Foundation Grants

If you are looking for a grant from the Mars Foundation Grants your organization must meet the eligibility of the foundation.

  • Your group has to be a registered non-profit or charitable organization that can get money.
  • Your study or project should fit into the categories listed above for each grant program.
  • There may be regional or neighborhood limits on some grants.
  • You should show that you can handle money well and be ready to give reports on how grant money was spent.

Application Process of Mars Foundation Grants

There are a few steps in the application process you need to follow carefully. The steps of the application process are as follows:

Check Eligibility

  • Check out the Mars Foundation website or pages that are just for each program to see the unique rules for each program.
  • Make sure your group meets the requirements for eligibility, such as being a non-profit, having a project that fits the requirements, and, if necessary, having a regional reach.

Gather Required Documents

  • Get together the paperwork you’ll need, like the IRS tax-exempt status of your group, financial statements, a project plan, a budget, and information about your team.
  • The requirements may be different depending on the class you choose.

Apply Online

  • Most schools have websites where you can apply. Find the special link on the page for that service.
  • Carefully read and fill out the application form, making sure to include all the necessary information and attachments.

Review and Submission

  • Make sure your application is perfect before sending it in.
  • Don’t miss out on anything; meet any goals set by the school.

Open many opportunities for your organizations to serve the community by applying for Freddie Mac Foundation Grants, and Lanl Foundation Grants that can provide funds to your organization. There are different substitutes of the Mars Foundation such as the Mars Family Foundation, and the Mars Planet Foundation

Mars Family Foundation

Founded in 2017, the Mars Family Foundation is a charitable organization with its headquarters in Franklin, Wisconsin. Providing assistance to charitable organizations is a significant component of the Mars Family Foundation’s purpose. With the help of the Mars Family Foundation, nonprofit organizations are able to become self-sufficient and accomplish their long-term objectives. This has a domino effect across the non-profit sector, increasing its level of impact. There were no employees at the Mars Family Foundation, yet they received donations totaling $1,617,962 in total.

There are several reasons why this method is valuable

Networking: The Mars Family Foundation helps nonprofits find funders, volunteers, and partners, extending their reach and resources.

Resource Sharing: They can provide organizations with funding, knowledge, and infrastructure, letting them focus on their goal.

Mentorship and Coaching: Mars Family Foundation assists charities in enhancing governance, fundraising, and program success by sharing their expertise. Smaller or newer businesses can benefit from this advice.

Please do not forget to check them out. Another Mars Wrigley Foundation, is responsible for providing grants to many organizations that meet the eligibility criteria of the foundation.

Grantees of Mars Family Foundation

Cornerstone of Grace

In the fiscal year 2021–2022, the Mars Family Foundation gave $24,560 to Cornerstone of Grace. Mars Family Foundation’s dedication to helping families and providing job opportunities in the community is evident by its donation, which supports a part-time employee and a family sponsorship.

Hope Through Restoration

The Mars Family Foundation donated $12,000 to Hope Through Restoration in 2021–2022. The Salvation Army will be able to keep helping those in need and giving hope via their restoration programs thanks to this donation, which will sustain their facility for one year.

Ozaukee Christian School

The Mars Family Foundation gave Ozaukee Christian School a generous $50,000 in 2021–2022, which helped the school’s buildings grow. This large grant makes it easier for the school to meet the needs of its students and the community as a whole while also improving the level of education it offers. If you want to know more about the grantees of Mars Family Foundation, check the website at:,472723514/

Mars Planet Foundation

The Mars Planet Foundation helps instructors offer unique educational experiences beyond the curriculum.  These activities are not school-funded and are generally authorized to give benchmarks and possibilities for future efforts. Several Scholarships are managed, selected, and awarded by the Foundation.  Additionally, the foundation honors Mars Area School District seniors with the Annual Academic Awards.

The organization grants teachers who want to improve learning with creative extracurricular programs. If you are a teacher and looking for a grant, then there is a positive update from the Mars Foundation at for you to apply.  There are many programs available for teachers, you can find many opportunities for yourself.

To expand educational opportunities for Pennsylvania students, the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program gives tax credits to eligible businesses that donate to scholarship organizations (including pre-kindergarten scholarship organizations) and educational improvement organizations.

Different Scholarship Supported by the Mars Planet Foundation

There are several scholarship programs, supported by the  Mars Planet Foundation to help unfortunate students in their education perspectives.

BC3 Pioneer Education Scholarship

BC3 Pioneer Education Scholarship provides one Butler County Community College-bound Mars Area High School senior a $1000 non-renewable scholarship for first-year post-secondary study. 

Belinda A. Terzich Memorial Scholarship

Belinda A. Terzich Memorial Scholarship offers female Mars Area School District seniors a $3000 non-renewable scholarship to assist pay for her first year of college. 

Legare R. Hole III Memorial Scholarship, Cambrian Foundation

Legare R. Hole III Memorial Scholarship, Cambrian Foundation offer a sliding $1000-$2500 scholarship for continuing education, fieldwork, and hands-on programming. The scholarship applicants will receive the full PADI open water diving certification and a sliding financial amount to prepare them for an aquatic profession. The student will receive the amount based on their plans. 

Don McCleary Trade Scholarship

Don McCleary Trade Scholarship provide a $2000 non-renewable scholarship to a Mars Area High School Senior in a Vocational-Technical Program who will study Heating/Cooling, Automotive Technology, Building Trades, Carpentry, Collision Repair, Heavy Equipment Repair, or Welding.  

Edward R. Choura Automotive Tech Vocational Scholarship

Edward R. Choura Automotive Tech Vocational Scholarship to give a Mars Area High School Senior in a Vocational-Technical Program a $1000 non-renewable scholarship to study automotive technology in an automotive trade school or comparable program.  

Helen Werner Anderson Memorial Scholarship

The Helen Werner Anderson award honors hardworking college-bound students by helping them start college.  The $2000, one-year renewable scholarship can help you start, then you complete!  Be Helen!  Do it!

Jake Cooper Memorial (“Jake’s Way”) Scholarship

Jake Cooper Memorial (“Jake’s Way”) Scholarship offers a college-bound Mars Area High School Senior who has participated in a high school sport, with a $5000 non-renewable grant for first-year post-secondary study.

Katie Marie Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Katie Marie Nelson Memorial Scholarship to award a $1,000 non-renewable scholarship to a Mars Area High School student studying STEM in an area that reflects Katie’s charity, scholarship, compassion, and enthusiasm for life. Previously awarded winners can reapply. Funds should cover post-secondary expenditures. If you want to know more about the grants provided by the Mars Planet Foundation, you can visit the page at: 


Mars Foundations help neighborhoods, schools, and kids, which is why they are important. They give money to make schools better, help families, and open up doors. It is important to the organizations to make people’s lives better. Teachers get funding to bring fun learning experiences to their classes, and students get college scholarships. The foundations help towns get better and more independent by giving money grants to nonprofits. The fact that Mars Foundations works on neighborhood projects, healthcare, and education shows how much they want to improve the world. Their open yearly reports and honesty about their funds show that they want to help and make a good difference for everyone.

To know more about other foundation grants, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Mars Foundation Grants?

Mars Foundation Grants provide financial help to nonprofits that are working to make the world a better place to live for communities via initiatives in areas such as healthcare, education, disaster relief, and environmental sustainability.

What does the Mars Foundation focus on?

The primary goal of Mars Foundation Grants is to give monetary help to those nonprofits that are actively working to improve communities through initiatives such as healthcare, education, disaster relief, and environmental sustainability.

How can My organization apply for Mars Foundation Grants?

In order to apply for Mars Foundation Grants, your organization has to visit the foundation’s check the eligibility criteria, and meet the focus areas of the foundation. The next step is you need to gather the necessary documentation, and then submit an online application using the program links given.

What differences between the Mars Family Foundation and Mars Planet Foundation?

The difference between the two foundations is that Mars Family Foundation sponsors long-term non-profit goals through networking and mentoring whereas the Mars Planet Foundation manages scholarships, enhances education outside the curriculum, and supports instructors with creative projects.

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