Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities Inc Grants

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Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities Inc Grants

How To Get Raskob Foundation Grants – Supporting religious institutions plays a crucial role in promoting community well-being and addressing societal needs through financial grants to churches is an issue of great importance. Many people find spiritual guidance, community support, and opportunities to give back through their local churches. These organizations are able to broaden their reach, increase the scope of their educational programs, and launch new social initiatives thanks to the funding they receive from grants. One of the foundation Grants known as the Raskob Foundation Grants, responsible for giving grants to churches for doing several good things for unfortunate people.

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What are Raskob Foundation Grants ?

The Raskob Foundation Grants is a private, non-profit, family-run organization that works on its own. The Foundation has been giving grants and doing other good things for the Catholic Church and schools and organizations connected to it since its founding in 1945. At this point, five generations of family members are carrying on the work that John and Helena Raskob started.

Foundation’s job is to help Catholic Church-affiliated institutions and groups with their projects in the United States and other countries. There is an online application method for non-profit groups to get money from the Raskob Foundation, which is based in the United States.

The total amount available for awards from the foundation is $3,000,000, with amounts ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Depending on the project, the financing percentage might range from 0% to 100%. Small grants that may make a big impact to nonprofit efforts are available to eligible candidates who submit their ideas by May 15, 2023.

Eligibility of Raskob Foundation Grants 

Organizations based in the United States or its territories are eligible to apply if:

  1. A public charity that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3)
  2. Devoutly Catholic—found in the Official Catholic Directory by P.J. Kenedy

Organizations that are not located in US or US territories

  1. An organization’s status must be non-profit and non-governmental, similar to that of a public charity in the US, before it may apply, even if it is based outside of the US or its territories.
  2. Confirmed by the Ordinary of the Diocese as a Catholic

Documents Required For Raskob Foundation Grants

HOME ENERGY SYSTEM (For domestic programs, LOIs are not necessary).

Companies based in the United States are required to submit the following paperwork:

  1. Full Financial Report
  2. Comprehensive Grant Proposal
  3. either an official letter from the Ordinary or a request letter written to the Ordinary

Global Initiative U.S. Organizations

Simply fill out the online LOI form if your organization is situated in the U.S. or one of its territories. International-The following documents, translated and filed in English only, are required of organizations based outside the United States:

  1. A Notarized Document- Obtained from the Arch or Diocese’s Standard
  2. Form for Fiscal Agent
  3. Affidavit Form- this one needs to be filled out by the applicant organization, not the fiscal agent.
  4. Documentation of Non-Governmental Organization Status- not from the fiscal agent, but from the applicant organization

Global Initiative Requested to submit a comprehensive Application

The following documents are required of organizations based in the United States or its territories:

  1. Full Financial Report
  2. Comprehensive Grant Proposal
  3. A Communication from the Regular

How to apply for a Raskob Foundation grant?

The International Program runs once a year and has two parts: a general phase and an entry phase. Organizations and projects that meet the standards can enter the abstract phase. After the abstracts are looked over, the Foundation lets each group know if they are accepted to the application process or not. From May 1 to May 15, you can send in your abstract. Sending out decisions about papers will start in the middle of September. If you are asked to apply, you must do so by October 31 so that the Foundation’s May Board Meeting can make a choice.

For more information, you can visit the page https://rfcagrants.powerappsportals.com/ and start your online application for the grants.

There are some restrictions on some organizations from getting grants from the Raskob Foundation. If you are looking for more details you must need to visit the website at: https://www.rfca.org/giving If you are looking for grants for your organization which is willing to serve the country’s heroes, you can have Infinite Hero Foundation Grants

Grantee of Raskob Foundation Grants

Global Solidarity Fund

The Raskob Foundation Grants showed its dedication to helping important projects by giving funds to several groups in 2022. One organization that the foundation helped out was the Global Solidarity Fund, which got $100,000. The grant’s purpose was to pay for the salary, perks, and office costs of a Grant Manager Position in Geneva. Supervising and carrying out the Global Solidarity Fund’s strategic goals was very much the manager’s job. Giving money to this area, the Raskob Foundation wanted to help the GSF run its projects well and be successful.

Medicines for Humanity

Medicines for Humanity was also the recipient of a significant award, this time for $96,000. The Maternal and Child Health Services in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo were the intended recipients of this sizable donation. The primary objective is to improve mother and child health systems, and the designated funding will allow for rigorous training in health care management to achieve this end. Nutritional education and programming centered on malnutrition treatment and prevention was another intended application of the funding. When it came to improving healthcare and overall well-being in these areas, the Raskob Foundation Grants’s backing was crucial.

Diocese of Manchester Dept of Education

The Diocese of Manchester Department of Education got a $85,000 grant from the Raskob Foundation Grants in 2022. The grant’s main goal was to make a Pilot Program for Special Education Inclusion last longer at Diocesan Catholic Schools. the Raskob Foundation Grants’ financial help went toward staff salaries and perks, which made sure that this inclusive education program would continue and grow. The foundation showed its commitment to creating open and high-quality learning settings for a wide range of student groups by supporting educational programs with a Catholic focus. Overall, these funds show that the Raskob Foundation Grants charitable work is multifaceted, as they meet important needs in education, healthcare, and strategy management.

If you are interested to know more about the grants of Raskob foundation, you can indulge with the information available on https://www.raskob.com/rfca.htm

Water 4 Mercy

Water 4 Mercy receives $25,000 from Raskob Foundation for US marketing and awareness campaigns. Clearwater-FL Water 4 Mercy, Inc. is happy to receive a $25,000 Raskob Foundation grant. This award will help us promote and raise awareness about Water 4 Mercy in the US. According to Water 4 Mercy President Nermine Khouzam Rubin, we thank the Raskob Foundation for their kind donation. Water 4 Mercy will use the Raskob Foundation award to boost awareness of our important work through extensive marketing. The funds will expand our reach, raise awareness of Africa’s water, hunger, and poverty concerns, and support our work. We believe this award will help us change more African lives.

Visit https://www.water4mercy.org/press-release-raskob-foundation-award-grant for more crucial details.

Water Is Life

Newark-based Water Is Life Kenya wins two Raskob Foundation awards. The Wilmington-based Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities gave Water Is Life Kenya (WILK) $180,000. The award will assist the Hope for Widows Project, an income-generating, agricultural sustainability, and microloan initiative, and the WASH program, which will offer clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. According to Water Is Life Kenya, WASH initiatives usually include digging a 650-foot borehole and installing the essential components. WILK monitors extensively to guarantee 85% of its water projects remain operational. The initiatives usually involve 2,500 to 5,000 people, 10,000 household animals, and thousands of wildlife. The borehole costs $50,000–80,000. You can get more information about the grant for Water is life at: https://thedialog.org/our-diocese/newark-based-water-is-life-kenya-receives-two-grants-from-raskob-foundation/

Contact Information of Raskob Foundation Grants

There are many ways of getting in touch with the Raskob foundation.

Office location: P.O. Box 4019, Wilmington DE 19807

Phone: (302) 655- 4440

Website: https://www.rfca.org/

If you are interested for Raskob Foundation Grants then you must keep in mind that You can only apply for a Raskob Online Grant through the Raskob Online Grant Portal and during the foundation’s open application period:https://rfcagrants.powerappsportals.com/

There are also Lanl Foundation Grants, presenting many offers as Monetary assistance for the organization. You can look and find your place in the list of grantees.

Raskob Foundation grant application deadline

The foundation gets together twice a year to look over applications. The deadline for applications is January 1 through January 15, and the Board will make a decision at the May meeting of the Foundation. You have until June 15 to send in your application so that the Board can make a decision at the November meeting of the Foundation. Every year, the dates will likely be the same.


An important part of the Raskob Foundation Grants’ work is to fund meaningful projects that are in line with the goals of the Catholic Church. The foundation’s philanthropic gifts enable groups working to meet a variety of domestic and international needs in healthcare, education, and strategic management. Raskob Foundation Grants’ main goal is to promote social good and improve the quality of life in the places where it works by encouraging family stewardship across generations. There are some guidelines that tell how to get grants for your organization from the Raskob Foundation. You must meet the eligibility criteria and proceed with the steps of the application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Raskob Foundation Grants?

Established in 1945, the Raskob Foundation Grant is responsible for giving financial assistance to churches in order to serve unfortunate people in terms of Healthcare, education, and other necessities related things.

Is there a limit to the grant amount that organizations can request from the Raskob Foundation?

Yes, the Raskob Foundation does. It has a total of $3,000,000 available for awards. Up to $100,000 in grant funds are available. Each project’s financing percentage might be anything from zero percent to one hundred percent. Eligible candidates have the opportunity to apply for small grants that could make a big difference.

How can my organization apply for a grant from the Raskob Foundation?

Your organization must pass the eligibility criteria and must use the online application form on the Raskob Foundation’s website during the open application period in order to apply for a grant.

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